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Now this is a slippery slope!


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  • Dragon changed the title to Now this is a slippery slope!

I admire what he has done but I am not threatened by it. 

I get my jollies by makling sculpture. Nowadays I am converting some model airplanes into surrealist sculpture.

Lots of fun. I began making wood models during WW2 and have run through solid wood A/C by Strombecker, Maircraft, (rectangular blocks of balsa and an XACTO knife)  kits Then stick & tissue kits (Cleveland, etc.), plastic kits (Varney, Aurora, Monogram, Lindberg, Revell, Frog, Airfix, etc.) and finally U-Control flying models. Kept going back to plastic kits during all these years.

I never got into Radio Control. however. I felt if I wanted to control a real flying airplane I would learn how to fly real airplanes.  Never did that but kept up with plastic kits. 

I admire this person's work. I am sure he gets much gratification and satisfaction in scratch building like he does. He does wonderful work. 


Its a hobby, we should enjoy whatever we do. Otherwise, why do it?



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I gave up RC back in 1999.  I was into the big IMAA stuff.  Kind of like LSP for RC.  80” wings and above.  Yea, I miss it. But at the same time, I don’t.  I dumped big money into that hobby.  

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