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What is your favorite thin CA adhesive? How about a reliable vendor to have fresh stock?

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I am especially interested in the thin type at the moment.


I’ve tried the adhesives sold under Loctite and Gorilla Glue labels from the hardware stores with mixed results. I usually use Zap, but sometimes the stuff I get does not "fire" as easily as I would like, and I suspect it may have been sitting in stock too long.


Would some of you folks be so kind as to  recommend the brand/vendor of thin CA you like?

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As I tend to use a fair amount of CA I use and industrial brand Krylex (normally have a 20gm on the workbench and a 50gm in the workshop) try to keep cool ,frig if possible.

I have mentioned this before but the standard Krylex KB014 sands just like plastic or resin making it perfect for modelling.

I use my resin supplier Neills Materials https://www.neillsmaterials.co.uk/ for all my stuff like that.


I've been dealing with Justin (Neills Materials) for just over 25 years as we both started our companies on the same day 25 years ago !!



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There is a huge German brand of CA glues called "UHU" which means "owl". 


I only use UHU stuff nowadays, as they have so many different products and in such handy containers that don't get clogged, etc.


I am in Germany frequently enough to stay stocked up (buy them at Globus) but I'm sure you can study their product line online, and then find someone to mail order them (EBAY, etc.) 


Also have a look at Modellbaukönig.de which is a huge German hobby supplier.


Shipping may be expensive, but I honestly believe they have the best CA stuff out there.


They have a super gel that is a thicker gel type glue that I use for almost all applications now, as it provides plenty of time to position parts without them bonding.


I realize the OP wants thin, watery stuff...UHU makes that too.



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