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Special Hobby 1:32 He100D to He100K

Rick K

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A few weeks to simmer after the A29 Super Tucano finish then sorting through and thinning my stash I cleaned my bench and started another project.  I was leaning towards a WNW or Tamiya kit.  You know, those kits with exquisite engineering?  Nope!


Instead it's another short run project with plenty of challenges. 


Special Hobby He100D.  Why?  I love the story behind this aircraft.  Fast with beautiful lines.  Beating out Willys 109 in all categories except the political one. 


This will be a "what if" build with late 1945 scheme with a WGr.21 loadout, perhaps a He100K.  Also this a/c will have no internal evaporating system.




Fun with things resin.  Cut and sand...it's a beautiful thing.





Template used to assign launcher mount holes marked and drilled out.



Stepping out of my comfort zone I'm going to rivet entire a/c.  Starting with the upper wings the Pounce Wheel(s) are put to work.




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Lower wing gets some Pounce love.



Lower wing riveting complete.  The landing flaps (top and bottom) are rendered as being fabric.  Will have to remove the "ribs".



Sanding becomes somewhat futile as the ribs are deep and sanding them down presents an uneven surface. 



3M Acryl Red Glazing Putty thinned with Mr. Leveling Thinner is applied with a brush.  After cure sanding yields the even surface I'm looking for.



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6 hours ago, Citadelgrad said:

I saw this at a recent kit exchange, i was wary of the limited run and my limited skills. Looks like you have it well under control. I will watch his with interest. 

Not sure if under control as of yet.  Many steps to proceed and successfully complete before I call this under control.  The cockpit, the wing cannon, the landing gear all will receive plenty of attention.  At any point this could go downhill fast and end up in the 86 tub.


Test fitting the wings and fuselage this weekend.  You may hear the screams.

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On 9/16/2022 at 1:49 PM, Sasha As said:

Interesting construction site I would love to see. You rolled rivets, I have a question if there are drawings of the Нe-100 with rivets? I have not found them in any of the known monographs. If you have any, please share. I have plans to build this airplane as well. 

Hi Sasha.  No reference for rivet pattern.  I used rivet detail on several Luftwaffe planes such as Fw190 and Bf109 and used reasonable assumption.  I guarantee you the probability of accuracy is low.

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Very interesting project, Rick.


I came along with a similiar "what-if" when reading that a lot of Spitfire and Hurricane pilots reported of fighting the He 100´s and even claimed several victories over them. So, what would have a He 100 looked like when fighting during the Battle of Britain?

Finished my He 100 some months ago and wanted to post some pics for weeks now, but now I´m not sure, if I would "catch" your thread?



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7 hours ago, scvrobeson said:

Looks like some spreaders in the fuselage will be needed to get those trenches to close.  Wonder if the floor will be wide enough to solve it?





TBD if the cockpit will spread fuselage at wing root. 


There will be a spreader placed top of fuselage to accommodate the wide canopy.

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