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1/72 Revell Sunseeker Predator

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hey everyone


As I have finished all my side projects that had been hanging around for ages, it's sad to say that I am not going to be bringing out the Star Destroyer now to keep working on. This is mostly because of my impending move inter-state at the end of this year, and it's easier for me to transport it in the current state its in rather than finished. So this leaves me with nothing else to do really other than start sorting my crap out before the move. The other night, I was going through my "stash" I spied a rather sorry looking box, so I pulled it out and was pleased to see this very sleek looking yacht that I had acquired ages ago and forgot all about it. The box is in such sorry state I doubt you could call it a box anymore as none of the sides are standing up /lying straight let alone at right angles.

Seeing as the box wont survive a move like this, may as well build it right?

I dry fit it last night just to see how big etc:




so yeah, not small! I think I'll light this one because its just made for such things. I have some ideas on the inside and as for a paint job - well, I'm thinking of a couple of ideas: Ferrari Red and black with metal highlights, metallic blue and dark grey with maybe white highlights or go in the total opposite direction with matte black all over with red lighting to make it a luxury pirate ship. I'm leaning toward the red but am open to suggestions



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Posted (edited)

Thanks Tom, glad to see Im not the only one who likes the oddball subjects. If you think this one is off center ,wait till you see my next build (once it arrives that is), it's like nothing you've seen before! For sure you may have seen it on FB or something like that and to date I have seen only 5 builds of it online but it is not a subject you'll see  much of.   Not telling what it is yet but its pretty darned cool in my book and I have a cool scheme in mind for it.

Kev, this kit had been around for quite a while now. Was originally boxed as Sunseeker Predator but Revell must have lost the naming  license as its now called just "Luxury Yacht 108ft". Lol, doesn't quite have the same ring to it and sounds like one of those cheap Chinese rip off companies who call their blatant Star Destroyer copy a "heavy space ship"....

The kit itself is one of Revells better attempts. The detailing is really nice, the shapes are correct to my eyes and there is very minimal flash present. The hand rails need to be replaced with brass though and some PE and wood deck wouldn't go amiss. Sadly, none exist. 

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Gorgeous !


Beautiful kit that has become rare. Really hope that Revell produces this one again.


Curious what you're gonna do with this kit.







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Thanks Pascal

I didn't know it was rare TBH - I just saw it cheap one day at my LHS and thought it'd be cool to make one. Mind you, that was a number of years ago and I haven't kept track of its availability

The scheme I have in mind should work well and it suits the fast curves nicely. Also, its one no one has done yet AFAIK (maybe it's for a reason - time will tell :) )

Once I have some more paint on it, I'll share some pics - hopefully this weekend

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Posted (edited)

Hey everyone

Well, got some paint down over the past couple of days and I am really happy with how its coming out. It's not had a gloss coat yet and so the red is dull, but once it goes on, it'll look so much better. Ignore the unfinished back end - especially the stairs - lots of fix up work to do there.






I feel like it needs a black stripe of sorts running along the side from the front, sweeping high then back down toward the rear. Or something like that.

I have done other stuff as well, like build the engines which I am in the process of painting and constructed the top shell, as well as drill out the instrument panels ready to light.

Come to think of it, I've actually done quite a bit but nothing worth taking pics of yet.

Tell me what you think - good or indifferent etc

Thanks for looking in



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Posted (edited)

Had some spare time tonight, so took a couple of pictures of where I'm heading with it.

I quite like the look of it myself.




The back end has had it's first 2 clear coats and almost ready for polishing




The engines are done and ready to be assembled - a task I shall be doing this weekend




The front seats are almost done - I see there is a small red touch up required on the far left seat. Also need to add the metal highlights. The dash board is getting there slowly. What is it with Revell decals and their unwillingness to conform to surfaces properly?? Even with copious amounts of Micro-sol it still doesn't conform. I had the same experience with my Mclaren 570S




Anyways, that's where I am up to. Still have lots to do. As always, thanks for stopping in and having a look!

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Thanks guys


K2, there is some chrome/stainless Steel accents already but they're not as pronounced as they maybe could be. The hand rails which I need to re-do in brass will be in a nice stainless finish which should contrast it nicely


LSPK, it does a bit. Good thing I didn't go for matte black!


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