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Last time a paint job went bad, i used Mr. Levelling Thinner and paper towels to remove the paint, did a great job. Didn't soak the build, just put some on a paper towel and wiped the paint away. This made the stripper easier to control, so the wheelwells and pit escaped undamaged.



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14 minutes ago, LSP_Kevin said:

Another vote for Mr. Color Thinner. Just be aware that whatever method you use, it will be messy!



Also, use in well ventilated area. Have to mention, strips lacquer paints but doesn't harm the plastic.



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Posted (edited)

ive used spray oven cleaner successfully many times, i only use laquer and enamel paint , so might not work if you have acrylic 


spay on in the kitchen sink, wear gloves, brush with old toothbrush , rince, repeat where necessary 

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Another vote for Me Color lacquer thinner. I've used it many times to strip paint even on clear parts without any damage to the  plastic. 


Here's when I had to strip my Tamiya Mossie.




And as Don mentioned, definitely have good ventilation when you do. 




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