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This build was VERY lucky to see the light of day, almost gave up on it quite a few times, but happy to say, it made it to completion (after 2 years on and off) and not the final flight against the wall ;)
Base kit is the Revell ju88A-4, wish I'd had the A-1, would have saved me a lot of hassles, especially in the cockpit area/rear glazing to fuselage fairing. Fit of the kit wasn't the greatest, plastic was quite pebbly and soft. Not totally satisfied with the end result, but here she is! With a HUGE shout-out to @Pastor John from AIMS, people like him and others, keep us modellershappy!

Ju88C-6 with Fug 202 of 4./NJG100 on the Eastern Front

Revell Ju88A-4
AIMS Ju88C-6 "Nachtjager" Resin conversion set
AIMS Decals "Ju88 Fighters"
AIMS Luftwaffe Gun Sights
AIMS Ju88A-1 Tail Wheel bay
Eduard Brassin Main and tail wheels and cockpit details
Owl Fug 202 antenna
Master barrels
Profimodeller Main wheel bay detail set
HGW seatbelts
and a TON of scratch-building!

All paints Gunze laquers
















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3 hours ago, Landrotten Highlander said:

Great work on the plane, also very much like the background.  Is that available in kit form?

Thank you all for the comments!
@Landrotten Highlander Yes, it's a background from Noys Miniatures. You'll have to search your local, or not local, hobby store to see if they stock. I got mine from Aus. I know Hannants keeps them. Basically BG printed on a cardstock, I just glued mine to foamcore. Not the cheapest, but really nice

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They look the part. Thanks for sharing. Sadly for me Hannants has gone out the window as a supplier. After the whole Brexit debacle, their shipping costs to South Africa have sky rocketed to a point where shipping is more than the item being purchased. Sad actually, as I have been using them for ages. 

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