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Here is my first RFI on the site, proof that I actually have built some models :lol: more to come at later stages as I get pics taken.

This aircraft is a Bf109G-14/AS from 4./NJG11 (or 5./NJG11 depending on sources). SAM Publications Modellers Datafile "The Messerschmitt Bf109 Part 2 'F' to 'K' variants has an image of the aircraft found in a hangar at the end of the war on page 55 of that book as well as a colour side-view on page 93. Some would have this as possibly a G-6/AS variant, but in my research the presence of the larger Fo987 oil cooler which is quite evident on the image puts this as a G-14/AS, as the G-6's used the smaller Fo870 oil cooler. But hey, I might be totally off the mark!:lol:
I used the AIMS Decals "Late war 109's" decal sheets as a basis to cut my masks for all the insignia.

Parts List:
Revell Bf109G-6 "Late and early version"
A.M.U.R Reaver Resin cowling and spinner/prop blades
Barracuda Studios resin wing inserts, large oil cooler, tall tail wheel, MLG wheels
AIMS Late war 109 decals (basis for masks), exhaust stacks, hatches and latches(to modify the filler cap locations for this a/c)
HGW Rivet/control surfaces set (for Hasegawa, bit of fettling to make it work on the Revell kit), seatbelts and Bf109 stencil set
OWL Fug217 antenna  and exhaust stack covers (all now sadly OOP). Some Fug 217 were SB to replace broken parts
Master Brass barrels
Eduard Instrument panel and Brassin U/C legs
Quickboost Revi C/D gunsight
MDC Drop tank and centreline mount/braces
Noy's Miniatures Luftwaffe Hangar for the photo's
All paint/markings/spirals - Gunze Laquers. RLM76 overall

Might be a bit more small things I've forgotten about, but hope you all enjoy














Thanks for looking




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1 hour ago, Citadelgrad said:

Very nice night fighter.  I was not aware of this type.  You’ve given me nightmares about breaking off every single one of those antennae. 

Thank you! Yep, I think they were more experimental than mainstream, very limited numbers I believe. There were more Fw190's with the Fug217 installed than 109's as far as I'm aware.
As far as the antenna are concerned, they are rock solid! :lol: All the resin bases were drilled through (those mis-shapen ones were replaced with a punched disc and a Albion Alloys micro-tube) and a single piece of .2mm rod was inserted, the bottom ends were then CA'ed into holes I drilled out in the kit. I think if she had to take a tumble, the antenna would be about the only thing still attached!:evil_laugh:

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1 hour ago, Out2gtcha said:

Gorgeous! There are so many amazing 109 camos that the single color gets overlooked, and you have done it real justice.

Thanks Brian! Yes, that presented me with a whole new approach on how to paint and really get the contrast layers going beneath the actual paint layer!

Below are some of the layers I had to build up to get that contrast going, almost a "reverse-distressing"? Like painting a black aircraft, it's going to be pretty boring if you don't do something underneath.




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