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The ‘Viper’ pit - A short break to build other stuff.

Stokey Pete

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Thanks chaps. 
It’s not all gone entirely to plan. There are still a few wrinkles and bubbles to try and deal with. I’m not entirely happy with them but they’re the best I can make them. I’m kinda hoping a coat of varnish will improve the look. 
That been said, for display purposes, it’s perfectly adequate. It’s only when up close scrutiny happens that the wrinkles begin to show. 

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I’m having a bit of a disaster with this one. I’ve just dropped it, causing one of the speedbrakes to bend and split. It’s also caused a hairline crack in the canopy. :BANGHEAD2:
Add to that, I’m really not happy with the decal finish but there’s little I can do to rectify the situation now. I refuse to apply them for a 3rd time with the potential for the same outcome. The only thing stopping me from junking it, is the fact that it’s display location has some shade and will disguise the bits I’m not happy with. Normally, at this point I’d apply a light wash, but I’m so worried about the decals, and removing them with the lightest touch. So I’m calling the paint job done. 



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Just about finished in the paint shop for this particular build. I know it’s not historically accurate for the unit I’ll be marking it with. But as I always say, I build models for me, not replicas. I shall be using Two Bobs latest Nellis Aggressors sheet, but obviously using the pre-splinter camouflage scheme. I couldn’t find decals for the actual aircraft I wanted to model, so I’m cheatin’ and using a bucket full of artistic licence. 
Here’s where I’m up to. 



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Models 3-6 have taken on a different route. I’ve had to scrap the Venezuelan decals, they didn’t fit either the Tamiya or the Academy vertical stabilisers. This aircraft will now be painted with Hellenic AF camouflage. 
The other Tamiya kit that I originally planned to use Speedhunter decals to mark has been changed to having the Venom demo scheme applied. I just had to after seeing the way @Zola25 built and painted his.  

The Zeus and Thunderbirds jets are still happening. 

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I’m a few stores away from calling number 4 from 8, done.

In the spirit of me not building replicas, this one is a bit of a cross breed. The decals have been taken from a later paint scheme, but work with the older version of it. The block number for this serial is wrong, etc etc. 

Inaccurate? Absolutely. Am I bothered? Not in the slightest. This has been one of more enjoyable painting sessions. 


….and the two recent additions together. 



I’ve gotta start making some stands, storage is beginning to become a problem, and I’m running out of bits of foam to rest them on. 

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  • Stokey Pete changed the title to The ‘Viper’ pit - A short break to build other stuff.

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