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The ‘Viper’ pit - A short break to build other stuff.

Stokey Pete

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No rest, onto the next. 
A bit of a side by side, which will be the two Hellenic AF jets. 
I’m just waiting on delivery of some ProCal decals for the 2 seat mount, whilst reacquainting myself the Zeus masking set. Hopefully I’ll not have the same issues I had before. All the paint is MRP lacquers rather that Gunze acrylics. 



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The insanity continues.

2 sessions at the bench to produce what appears very little. The instructions for the mask are a bit ambiguous to put it kindly. But after much more study than the first time I tried this, I’ve cracked it. It looks more akin to its 1:1 colleague. 
Time to get some blue onto it. 



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I’ve spent a bit of time tidying up the overspray areas. Tiny airbrush needle, low pressure, little blobs of blu tac…….job done. 

I’ve added some ripple effect shading to the flag too. I’ve used a little artistic licence with this as I’m not a huge fan of the look on the real deal. I prefer it a little more realistic and subtle. 



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And so I’m at this point once more. I’ve applied the feathers that cover the spine and CFTs. Not all plain sailing by any stretch of imagination, but…..so far so good there’s no signs of any paintwork splitting./cracking. I shall now leave this to breathe a little while before I continue.



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