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A brief word about rigging.  Revell in a sense cover the subject well, in fact they provide a black cotton thread with the kit which I suspect nobody uses these days with many better options being available, but throughout the detailed instructions you are told where to drill holes for rigging lines and the stages at which to fit the thread should you wish to use it.


Silver Wings is quite disappointingly vague; there are drawings which show rigging positions but like so many aspects of their instructions booklet, not quite precisely enough to my liking.


ICM's instructions are clear, rigging lines are shown in red with appropriate lengths (assuming you are using non-elasticated rigging material), as are drilling points.  For the main rigging they would have you fit the rigging whilst the upper half of the lower wing is in place and the lower half of the upper wing, so lines can be pulled through and secured.  Only then do you fit the other respective wing halves.....a neat solution!


Revell's markings options:




The first point to note is that these transfers were produced in 1997, but look perfectly good and usable, no yellowing at all.  I like very much the attention to detail with stencilling.  There's not a lot of this on a Tiger Moth, just lifting and trestle positions, places not to step and oil grades etc.  All are included here.  The finish is matt and all in register, though I do think it's odd where roundels are provided without the centre red disc, these being separate and needing to be added later.





Three schemes are available:






It's slightly odd that floats are provided as well as skis for a build option but no markings are included for this. 


Silver Wings markings options:




The finish is shiny which doesn't make a lot of sense for the wartime schemes but is OK for other periods.  All are in good register.  Several schemes on offer:








Unlike the Revell kit, there is a bare minimum of stencils provided, and these too small I think:




and quite a glaring omission for the de Havilland Training School aircraft G-ACDA, no de Havilland logo on the tail fin!!




You'll also note that G-ACDA has the extra footwell below the rear cockpit, so a little whittling required with the kit here!


A colour guide is included but no cross references to any particular paint brand:




ICM marking options:


Pretty disappointing I feel, possibly trying to keep costs down - just two not very inspiring options.




and just a "LIFT HERE" stencil.  The finish is shiny but all in register.





And that's about it for the comparison exercise.  Which kit is best?  Well I think that depends on several factors such as skill level, material preferences, budget, accuracy expectations etc.  


Each have their strengths and each their weaknesses.  For detail and accuracy I think Silver Wings wins it, but it's resin, expensive and their instructions leave a lot to be desired.  The old Revell kit should not be discounted because of its antiquity, it can still be made into a very presentable and accurate model but it clearly needs more work to achieve this than the other two.  Being so new, the ICM is an unknown quantity build-wise, but I think it has been well thought out and engineered and will prove to be the model of choice for many and I like ICM's policy of bringing out figures which fit with the kit, some trainee pilots are planned for later this year.  I think it will look good built OOB but has the potential for adding extra detail if required.


If you decide to build a Tiger Moth, whichever kit you choose.....have fun!!  I think it would be great to have some of your finished pictures added to this thread.:thumbsup:

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Thanks Max!


Excellent review work. With regard to the floats without decal scheme in the Revell box, the reason in simple. There was such a scheme in the original kit made by Matchbox but it looks Revell had no interest in that quite uncommon option. And I'm not surprised ICM only released two Brit schemes. It is more than probably because they like releasing multiple boxings. I'm sure at least two other boxes are coming from them.

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Good point Thierry, makes sense from ICM's business perspective, can't blame them for that.  Glad you enjoyed the review, I certainly had a lot of fun doing it and it's given me an appetite to get on with one or two TM kits that needed further attention.  

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7 hours ago, mozart said:

and quite a glaring omission for the de Havilland Training School aircraft G-ACDA, no de Havilland logo on the tail fin!!





Super comparisons again Max, great job. 

Perhaps the gloss of the decals will blend with an application of varnish?


Another omission are the DH logos on the struts. They can be seen in that smashing image of G-ACDA that you shared about half way up each strut.


As an aside, if anyone fancies creating some custom decals of those logos I'd be in for a set. :please:




It's sad that you've come to the end of this topic Max but I sincerely hope that everyone can keep it alive by adding in photos of their built TigerMoths.


May I say thank you once again for all of the time and effort you've put in. I shall definitely be using this in the future. :goodjob::thumbsup::clap2::punk:



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Thanks Anthony and Guy. Must admit I haven’t done a detailed shape comparison Anthony, the only obvious difference was a few mm length but that could easily be accounted for by the rudder configuration and how it’s attached. I might try a series of overlays though. 
I’ve done your masks for ANSM Guy, I’ll get them in the post ASAP. I painted ANFM’s struts this afternoon, I’ll have to check my references for DH logos though. Hand painted I reckon if needed. 

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As Anthony  stated , BRILLIANTLY done.



Very useful, informative,  and colorful (photos included)

reviews which will be massively  helpful 

to anyone building a Tiger Moth.


Do you think tthink the omission of the DH logo  on the Training School Aircraft G-ACDA (your photo) is due to

complete haulage of the wings and other parts when it was badly  damaged in the 1960s.. and once restored  left it out (and having it moved to different clubs  example Red Hill in Surrey that DH logo was omitted).


And Max you've done a fantastic job.

But here's a question;

When it was built in 1933(if I remember in Edgeware) its registration was G-ACDC and throughout  1940s , 1950s, and 1960 to this date its  G-ACDC(delta Charlie) WHEN did it become G-ACDA.?

G-ACDC is still to be seen flying at Headcorn(Kent ) in her original maroon and silver colour scheme and has now accumulated over 13,000 hours.


just curious about G-ACDA .?


thank you. 

And appreciate  ALL your work.

Thank you 



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According to my references (Stuart McKay’s seminal book The de Havilland Tiger Moth) G-ACDA and G-ACDC have always been separate aircraft.  CDA was Build No. 3175 and CDC 3177, both at de Havilland’s works at Stag Lane, where the Tiger Moth was designed and developed. During the war years both were in service with the RAF, CDA as BB724 and CDC as BB726 then returned to civilian use post-war.

I’m not sure I understand your query Maru about the DH logo on the tail. Photographs show she has one, Silver Wings have missed it, that’s it really, an oversight. 

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Nice work Max - thank you (obviously, this whole thread needs to be pinned somewhere permanently for future reference!) :)


Personally, I wouldn't mind getting the Matchbox Tiger Moth once more (I sold mine some years ago) purely so that I can chop it up and re-create it into something completely different!


On the subject of training colours used on Tiger Moths, I have some original late 30's/early 40's tailplane and wing leading edge fabric from Blackburn B.2 aircraft (which incidentally, is what I would turn the Matchbox Tiger Moth into) which I colour matched to Humbrol enamel colours:







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