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HMS Warspite

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Very nice Warspite Ron!  Here's a bit of trivia, when she was a fairly new ship in WWI she fought with 5th Battle Squadron at the Battle of Jutland and may hit my recent build, the SMS Seydlitz during the battle.  Pretty neat we posted our builds within days of each other! 



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Nice paint work so far Ron! You going to go down the rabbit hole that is PE railings etc? 

The deck looks good to, although you can change the colour if you wanted to with a wash (something I do regularly with these wooden decks - it can make a big difference for the better)

Looking forward to the next update 

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Thanks all,  I stopped going down the PE hole on ship builds.  I love the look but I get stalled on PE


This is a nice kit but I have to admit the sprue gates are starting to drive me a bit nutty with the small parts.  There are so many on every small part. The little anti aircraft guns have three sprue gates each so it's a slow go prepping parts.

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Thanks,  Kev, the structure fits great. No Gaps. 


It's a nice kit, my only real compliant is the really small parts with too many sprue gate attachments to remove them.  We are talking some deck parts that are literally the size of a grain of salt. 

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