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WHat are the best display cases for 1/32 aircraft?

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In the UK there are some manufactures that specialise in museum or taxidermy supplies including custom built display cases.


you could start with them or plastic stockholders that could cut the parts for self assembly.



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Your going to have a problem finding something off the shelf for something as big as an HE-219, i'm working on a Mosquito project and can not find anything other than custom cases which are expensive, as Bob says we might be better off building are own.



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All this had me dive over the YouTube for DIY show/display cases.

You can buy Showcase & Cabinet Hardware or even make some and paint it with Alclad. After that get some glass cut, make a base and assemble. It looks doable at home and then you could make it custom. Glass costs and getting holes drill might be the expensive part.

This is just an assembly video but it foes show the parts breakdown.


Good luck



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13 hours ago, BloorwestSiR said:

I have an Ikea Besta case that my Tamiya Mossie just fits in. You can get a 1/32 F-4E on the shelf too.  




I believe they come in two depths, this is the deeper of the two. 


I don't know if a He219 will fit as I haven't finished mine to find out. 




That one looks like a much less complicated project to make than all glass.

Make the frame out of that black melamime. You could even hide some LED strip lighting in the top panel. Mirror attached to the back.

The glass could be held in by parallel 10mm slots running front to back.

Glass door hinges are about $8 each at Shopfitters.com.

Then you could make it custom and as big as you want. You could even make it modular an add tiers. All you'd need to do is buy new front glass doors and reposition two hinges. If the glass for the door was the right thickness you could even re-purpose it for a new shelf.


Thanks for posting the pic. Good for ideas and simpler builds.


Cheers Matty

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The best thing to do is to look for commercial display cases.  They aren't cheap, but if you want to protect all your hard work, they are worth it.  This one below is a cheaper Chinese case that's about 17 1/2 " deep and 29" wide, that I bought for about $250 US.  All models are 1/32.  If you need something bigger, custom made plexi-glass cases are your next step, like the one on the bottom.








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