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More Wingnut Wings Kits Coming to Andy's Hobby HQ ... and they're sold out.


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Just saw this - thought I'd pass it along if anybody is interested. 

Pre-order sales start today (Friday, August 7) at 6:oo PM Pacific Time.




GREAT NEWS! Our German affiliate friends have decided to share a portion of their Wingnut Wings final stock. We are excited to announce that AndysHHQ.com will have more kits to offer our loyal customers in the USA (we are unable to ship internationally at this time). The order has just been cargo shipped and is due to arrive in mid-September. We will begin online pre-order sales this Friday, August 7th, at 6PM Pacific Time. No inflated prices!
Limit 1 per SKU#
No shipping outside the USA
No holds - payment required upon preorder
*Be aware that an item in your cart is not reserved until you pay for it
Quantities vary and are limited. This is pre-order only. Items will not ship until approximately mid-September. Over 275 kits are expected.
Stock includes:
32023 - Rumpler
32035 - AMC DH9
32038 - Salmson 2-A2-OTSU
32040 - DFD MID
32057 - DFD Late
32061 - DH9A NINAK
32070 - Sopwith Camel BR1
32071 - Sopwith Camel Le Rhone
32072 - Sopwith Camel USAS
32076 - Sopwith Camel SHIPS Camel
32608 - Sopwith Snipe
32803 - Sopwith Camel & LVG Duelist
32804 - Halberstadt C1 & RE8 Duelist
32059 - Salmson 2 USAS

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  • Leaning_Dog changed the title to More Wingnut Wings Kits Coming to Andy's Hobby HQ ... and they're sold out.
3 hours ago, Leaning_Dog said:

...for what it's worth, at 6:20 PM Pacific Time, all of the pre-order kits are sold out, except for the AMC Dh.9 ...  




... And - - they're gone! :frantic:


Good job US consumer! :clap2: Doing the heavy credit-card lifting when lazy euro modelers shirked their fair share! :goodjob: We can always count on you!  :bow:


But seriously... the Camels were produced late in the game but were selling well, especially the ships Camel which is always first to go in these now regularly scheduled events (it's starting to resemble Elton John's retirement tour). Personally I like the lines of the Snipe much better, just something about it, trollish like a Chaika. 

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Great Hobbies in Canada just got some kits in yesterday. 


The Camels are now gone but they still have some other kits. 




If you're in Canada, they have free shipping over $99. 


And yes, the prices are in Loonies. 

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