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Lukgraph DH 89 Rapide

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I was always surprised at the single pilot seat up front.


I asked my ex-wife if her mum could remember any details about Jim's plane, but all that came to her mind was a group of them were

flying from RNAY Sydenham over to the Lake District for a climbing weekend back in the early '60s.

But the 80 mph headwind was too strong and they had to turn round and head back or they would have run out of fuel and ended up in the Irish Sea, short of their destination.

Not a great deal of power to spare in those 200hp Gipsy Queens.

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Wow how lucky are you allowed to get?


This is great! I coincidentally stumbled across another online archive.  This time from the city of Esbjerg in Denmark (the place I was born).


Three color photos of 'my' DH 89 Dragon Rapide OY-DIN, photos dated around 1939...








The blue color has been a major issue for me and I had already settled for a much lighter version.

But now I have solid evidence of the correct blue, so now I have no genuine reason for not getting started on this beautiful 'bird' anymore.






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