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  1. Man that looks good. The Nimrod & Fury are great looking aircraft.
  2. Mine arrived today and it looks gorgeous in the box. Did I hear someone was doing AA Decals for this? Julien
  3. Thanks, I hope we get a chance to open this year, covid and all that
  4. They do a 1/48 one, it is "challenging" tho
  5. Cheers guys, we do get some stick for having airframes outside but unless someone chucks a lot of cash our way then thats how it has to be. Its rolling programme of repair, refurbishment and new. We got the A-10 after 13 years of dealing with the USAF and their red tape (not my doing as they guy who did it surely has the patience of a saint). That took a while to disassemble, move then put back together right. Hunter and lightning as well as Meteor F.8 being refurbished, interrupted by the acquisition of the a T-33 which turned out to need way more work than we though
  6. Thx Richard. Thats quite an old picture of the Jag as it now looks like this;
  7. If only it were a museum aircraft, but its not. As a member of the Bentwaters Cold War Museum I need to put a few thing straight on this thread. 1. We are not a amateurish museum. We have been recognised by no less then the USAF Museum as doing sterling work to preserve the only A-10 in a private museum outside of the US, and recently received another airframe from them to restore an F-84 2. The Hunter he does not belong to our museum, or any other museum it belongs to a company hoping to sell it, so take your chance and buy it to restore it. 3. Not su
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