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  1. Mine arrived today and it looks gorgeous in the box. Did I hear someone was doing AA Decals for this? Julien
  2. Thanks, I hope we get a chance to open this year, covid and all that
  3. They do a 1/48 one, it is "challenging" tho
  4. Cheers guys, we do get some stick for having airframes outside but unless someone chucks a lot of cash our way then thats how it has to be. Its rolling programme of repair, refurbishment and new. We got the A-10 after 13 years of dealing with the USAF and their red tape (not my doing as they guy who did it surely has the patience of a saint). That took a while to disassemble, move then put back together right. Hunter and lightning as well as Meteor F.8 being refurbished, interrupted by the acquisition of the a T-33 which turned out to need way more work than we thought, they the RAF Museum at Cosford surprised us by offering the F-84. Both of these we want to get out as they operated from the base. If you want to buy the Hunter I can put you in touch with the owner No offense Tony but I did see a bit red at first due to the stick we have had before from certain parties. We are only a small museum with limited staff members and ever more limited funds. That and Covid is doing us no favours as we are shut, JUlien
  5. Thx Richard. Thats quite an old picture of the Jag as it now looks like this;
  6. If only it were a museum aircraft, but its not. As a member of the Bentwaters Cold War Museum I need to put a few thing straight on this thread. 1. We are not a amateurish museum. We have been recognised by no less then the USAF Museum as doing sterling work to preserve the only A-10 in a private museum outside of the US, and recently received another airframe from them to restore an F-84 2. The Hunter he does not belong to our museum, or any other museum it belongs to a company hoping to sell it, so take your chance and buy it to restore it. 3. Not sure what permissions these guys had to enter the Airfield which is private property, but I know they would not have had permission from Evert Aero to photograph their assets or indeed as in one of the pictures climb on them. This is a major problem with these so called "urban explorers" 4. Yes the phantoms have been taken away to be restored, or in the case of one aquired by another mainly out door museum, again I can assure you they are not amateurish either. Again I would stress NONE of what you see here is part of the museum. Its all private property on private land. The "urban explorers" are a bit of a pain as they encourage people do do the same. There have been instances of damage and thefts. We had to move our phantom because of this. We even caught one group lifting a motorcycle onto the wing for a photo shoot.
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