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  1. Hi Graham would love to see the Kings Cup racer Bob
  2. Hi Baris I see many people have asked for an update, me too, in your interview with DOOG Models back in early February you mentioned release approx. 3-5 Months it is soon to be 6 months, so please Please can we have some sort of update & a rough price Guide it will not be £50-£100 so will it be £100-£200 or £200-£300? Some of us need to put aside this sort of monies or even save for it. So I ask again PLEASE can we have an update no matter how small it is. thanks Bob
  3. Above is my F2G from Lone Star after a lot of work Bob
  4. people were seen in UK at North Weald airfield measuring electronically the Hawker Sea Fury Could it have been them or Special Hobby or even Airfix for their new 1/24 the mind boggles Bob
  5. Hi folks a bit more to show you Front assembly with main frame, A little clean up needed here just moulding stubs & seams takes a couple of seconds Front axel onto front assembly with tow bar attached push fit only so when the tractor arrived coupling it will be easy a few seams to be tided Front jacks in place
  6. Hi Darren the trolley with bomb can be obtained from their website:- www.iconicair.com
  7. As we all know, the upkeep mine was used by 617 Sqn on Operation Chastise against the great Dams of Germany, better known as the bouncing bomb or the Dambusters Raid The E type Trolley was larger than other trolleys & used for heavier loads such as the Upkeep, Grand Slam & tallboy The Kit comes in a neat box not oversized for once Inside we have four bags of Resin parts the main frame the Upkeep mine nice touch keyed in ends so fit will be correct Front tow bar & axel + jacks Mine Support, side trays & rear jacks Rear axel supports, hand brake,steering wheel & towing hook coupling the Wheels with separate tyres & weighted bottoms Should look nice with some Olive Green paint, another nice model from Iconicair well done Graham, will look nice as a Stand alone model even better if the 1/32 Lancaster ever appears
  8. Queens Flight would be nice only two aircraft, Benson & Northolt Hoping to have interior pics by end of Jan for Northolt XV732 elric
  9. or as said previously use the ones from a P-38 kit pic below is of the old Revell kit they match nicely with Hasegawa's P-51, just the normal moulding dimples to fill in Bob
  10. Hi Avadon I don't know if you wish to push the boat out, but maybe Paul Fisher might do you a couple of sets from his Red Baron Racing 51? Bob
  11. Hi Tim Yep a bit of fun with them to, will be using the Angel from MDC as the basic figure [ no wings of course ] Bob
  12. Hi Peter I do not think I will put this into the build most probably RFI as a lot of work to do to convert. The airframe is an NS-1 the engine though seems to be a 75-17 rear exhausted & the model is a 75-13 front exhaust?. plus there is slight differences in the office area & the color scheme will be a lot of masking or decals or both & the wing walker with her support Bob
  13. Thanks Brian every one says that I am quick, I just love to build & cannot rest once started, as soon as I had finished the Spiteful the next project was out & on the table Ha! I must be Bob
  14. Hi Bryan, there you go no problems just a hitch Bob
  15. Nice one Peter Well done & congratulations on the save looks brilliant Bob
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