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  1. Fisher Sea Fury Tamiya Spitfire ICM Gladiator
  2. oops I didnt think about the Helo's thanks Thierry
  3. Am i correct, that this is Large Scale Planes ie:- 1/32 scale and larger if so why are we even discussing 1/35 as its smaller on this site????????? Bob
  4. those intructions for the "s" are really frustrating even with the correction sheets you are still going back and forth to both sets, it would have been nice if KH had put a cross on parts not used on the sprue pages 1 & 3 bob
  5. Thanks Dave mine should arrive in the next 3 days Bob
  6. If this is for the MH-60s Knighthawk where is the Cannon assembly & placement?
  7. It would be nice to see the Bucker Bu133c Jungmeister in 1/32 plastic, the only one to my knowledge is the old Panet models resin kit this little aircraft has a history over 30 years, was attached to the Hindenburg, one many races [europe & America] had a 13 strong aerobatic team [german] and a variety of color schemes for everyones tasts Bob
  8. Hi Guys just opened my GR.4 box, the two screw for swing wing are loose in bag for etch, one of mine had fallen out luckily found it rolling around bottom of box, be careful on opening check for screws first
  9. great news, can't wait for the cowling not just for the Invader, they also were used on Reno race planes such as the Sea Furys & Bearcats Bob
  10. https://www.shopdrawdecal.com/ProductDetails.asp?ProductCode=32-P38-3 they do two other P-38's in 1/32 scale to, fill your boots
  11. I just ordered 3 sets from Greg at Draw decals, took 3 weeks to arrive, the quality is great made in digital silk just what you need for a nice shinny racer, so add a couple of more days
  12. 1/24 well it would be Navy F-35B Lightning II Hawker Sea Fury [korean war] Fairey Ganett Mk4 F4-U Corsair Bob p.s. a Concorde would only be 2500mm long any takers?
  13. Hi Craig don't get your hopes up its the old 20th century model released by HobbyBoss not greatly detailed but impressive in size, should be in the shops Hannant uk have them if you use the search box top right there is more info. Bob
  14. the latest offering from HB is the UH-1 Huey B or is it, correct me if i'm wrong, the UH-1 was a later version with the LII engine which enabled it to stretch the body to have 12 passengers, this also had a much larger door to it having 2 windows, 2 exhaust pipes out of the engine cover this was designated 205 series. The picture on the box & model inside the box seem to be the HU-1B Huey Designation 204 series So if your Hoping for a nice Stretched bodied Huey your out of luck please correct me if i have it wrong or do HOBBYBOSS
  15. Thanks guys, had a bit of news my Dragon has arrived at the main hub in UK so should not be long now my other parcel from Oregon has arrived in the USA, I'm a bit confused sent from Oregon on 11 May not yet arrived in UK, then to be told its now in the USA??? Does that mean that Oregon is no longer in America??? Bob
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