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Hi everybody!

I'd like to inroduce my latest project and the very first one here on LSP - the famous WWI Fokker Eindecker 1/24 scale model. I always desired to build something different and original. And I've always been fascinated by models built as such a naked airframe with no (or almost no) cover or fairing. Thinking about what would be the best type to start with, I decided to choose this interesting and, thank's to the synchronization system engaged in it, the very first proper fighter plane :lol: Oh yea, another reason why I chose this plane is, that it is a quite simple monoplane!


Well, currently, lots of work are already done. All of the original parts or masteres are already finished and a friend of mine, Pavel, was so kind and did a great job with casting the parts for me. A photo etched sheet with some metal parts is also succesfully finished and prepared to use, as well as wooden parts laser-cutted from 0,4 mm plywood.


A finished model may look like this:D



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Hi everybody!

Here we go - an assembled wing. 


Coloured and washed 0,4mm plywood...



...an assembled rib....



... a pile of splinters :D... 



...and finally an assembled wing. I am just happy with the result! :rolleyes:780Z86M.jpg








I am pretty surprised with the properties of the plywood. It seems to be very fragile, but even when a single rib is assembled and glued, it is really solid and tough! Love the work with a real wood :rolleyes:

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