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Curtiss Hawk H-75 A7 (ML-KNIL) | SH 1:32

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Hi All,


Haven't been posting much for a while, as most of my recent projects focused on the smaller scales, but it's time to start something "new" in a larger scale: the Curtiss P-36 Hawk by Special Hobby in its export version built for Netherlands, known as Curtiss H-75 A-7. 






Surely not a shake'n'bake , taking into account that it is not a new kit, so the moulds show some wear and tear, but anyway - it's the only game in town in an injection mould.


Started with glueing the fuselage and engine parts together, deeping some lines and joints, removed the ventilation holes in front of the cockpit, riveted the fuselage and installed the cockpit walls. For now, everything looks quite optimistic.








Stay tuned, best


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Thanks for watching Mates.


So here we go with the engine:





As you can see, it's not bad. However, some improvements will be necessary, did consider a resin replacement from Vector only for a while, but no, I'm sure it will look decent after it is painted and the ignition cables are installed.


Some more care is required as regards the engine wall - it is too wide, I think for something around two mm - on the other hand, the shape of it matches the fuselage so well, that I decided to cut it into halves and thus make it narrower by these two mm. I also cut off the engine mount, it will help determine the right place for its installation, after the engine wall is narrower.


Most of the interior and engine bits are now ready for the primer. Only the pilot seat needs yet to be slightly reworked and detailed, before it is primed and painted.



A copy of 1:32nd scale plans is also ready for riveting the wings and tailplanes. 





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OK, so the engine wall is now perfectly fitting inside the fuselage, a similar operation is necessary as regards the "firewall" too - but this time I will just cut off approximately 1 mm from each side, maybe something from the lower edge too - to be sure that the fuselage isn't too wide where it meets the wings, so that the correct wings' dihedral is ensured.


Primed the interior too, with the Mig's One Shot black primer.








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A small progress report.

Cockpit green inside of the cockpit and most of the small parts have been painted as well.






Have bought the detail-up set for the engines of the HKM's B-17 - got few other kits with the Wright Cyclone engine, so no worry, it is not a regrettable loss.





Going to use the pilot's seat from Eduard. Actually, there's a nice photo-etched detail-up set included in the SH's box, so the rest of the Eduard's set will be used in the future, when I start the Trumpy's P-40B. And the P-40's canvas covers for the wheel wells, the fit is really good - don't know yet if I'll use them, or just make me own based on these, will see.





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You're absolutely right, considering that the 3" difference should probably be visible. The fact that these covers fit the SH P-36's  wheel wells may lead to the conclusion that there's something wrong with the kit or with the covers or both. That's how it looks like (parts just taped together, there's still some flash to be removed) - pretty well to my eyes:






And of course I'm going to install the armour plate behind the pilot's seat. 


Thanks for comment :) 

Best regards




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