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RAAF Macchi C.205 serie I - 1/32 21st Century Toys

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I should build P-61 but when I received this kit I just couldn't force myself to not start it. As you probably know - this is more toy than model. Another kit of Veltro is multimedia set of Pacific Coast Models. It's more detailed for sure but after long and exhausting fight (I'm on retreat) with their Spitfire mk XVI I'll buy another their kit only if they pay me ten times more than model price and deliver a cistern of good quality beer :D So I bought 21st Century Toys Veltro at a reasonable prise.


Kit is really good - nice balance between model and toy. But hey! It's a 1/32 model for 10$! :D

Panel lines are deep and wide but after some sanding I think they'll become acceptable. So...let's begin...

I'm going for this one, so I have to make a serie I from serie III. It means that I have to cut cannons and drill holes in wing for machine gun barrels:



I started with cockpit interior. This is what you get OOB:



After raid on scrap box I got this:



Instrument panel is quite good although with help of Squadron Signal Veltro Walkaround book I decided to add compass, and two small levers



I'd like to know what you think by now :D

Next stop: probably gear wells detailing.




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Very small progress...

I've drilled a hole in sand filter (flap on front to be mounted later in open position) and in spinner. Oil coolers are also complete:




I found that thick glass of gunsight bothers me. Aditionally, whole thing doesn't look like Veltro's gunsight. Another part to be scratchbuilt.


Kit's gunsight:



Real one:



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On 7/22/2019 at 1:54 AM, GDW said:

Great project, great job, following with interest!



Yesterday I've sealed screw holes. One thing I'd like to mention. Although wings are styrene, screw plugs are made of very hard rubber which doesn't cooperate well with Tamiya Extra Thin. So I had to seal them completely with Mr.Hobby Surfacer 500:



I've scribed four inspection panels on wings , gun barrels were made of thin brass tubes:



Because gear doors from set are very thick I made new ones from two pieces of thin styrene. Dremel was used to make wheel mounts more slim. Then tires were modified. Now they have vertical grooves as they are as correct as smooth tires  (I'm working with help of Squadron Signal Walkaround no. 5558):



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Nothing to show this time...because of screw plugs.

I thought that putty and CA will seal them with wing. Well...not this time. After whole day of PSR I've decided to remove them and put putty alone instead. Rubber plugs were still visible even after sealing them with CA as a putty. So I have to wait till putty will cure comletely.

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On 7/26/2019 at 1:34 AM, kikka said:

i have one kit as well and will replace the plugs with evergreen way easier and cheaper .




That was good advice and pity that I've not used evergreen as soon as it was possible - now there was more work. But I'm learning on my mistakes and all rubber plugs were removed and replaced by evergreen pucks :D



Cockpit was mounted in fuselage halves. Fit was quite good.



In Veltro Walkaround I found photo of puppy on wing. This puppy was a pet of Veltro Squadron on Sicilia. Because I have Tamiya Livestock Set which includes adult and young dog so my mulling "What put on a vignette with Veltro" came to an end. But just puppy is not enough-too small to be noticed. Because my Veltro will be in RAAF markings so...well...somebody must have paint roundels and code, repaint spinner...I've decided to use another babe from Masterbox Pin Up series. I've put a brush to her hand and made a paint bucket for her :D



Last things for today. New gear well covers - the ones from set were too thick and detail wasn't "sharp" - and weld marks on exhausts.


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5 hours ago, AceofClubs said:

Very nice! I'll follow you with interest! Maybe I'm wrong but gunsight is a replica in 1/1 scale. Anyway it is very useful



Well , in book is stated that is a photo of very rare original gunsight San Giorgio type C but who knows :)


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