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WnW Fokker E.1 (Early)

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So I have managed to get the fuselage blaze colours painted and the few decals on ready for sealing in.




Also need to complete the painting of the metalwork and move on to weathering. Planning a heavily castor oil stained finish on this one.


Regards. Andy 

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Had a crack at painting the metal work using a base of Tamiya flat aluminium followed by Gunze Mr Metal aluminium and pretty happy with the result.




Also build , painted and rigged the undercarriage in readiness for installation. Bob's buckles , Gaspatch turn buckles and mono filament used.




Need to paint the cockpit padding on the fuselage, then some weathering before getting on to final assembly.


Regards. Andy 

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Managed to get a little more done on this one over the last couple of days, firstly engine, cowling and M G fitted.20190719-155934.jpg




Followed by making a start on weathering and trying to begin  building up the castor oil staining on the fuselage 








A little stark at the moment but all being well will become a little more blended as I go along and hopefully I've not messed it up!


Regards. Andy 

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3 minutes ago, rjones726 said:

Love the Castor oil staining. I don't think it's possible to overdo as they quickly got pretty nasty. Hopefully you're still having fun :)




Pretty sure I could go more with it but not sure yet, looking at some of the pictures of these Fokkers I guess I could just paint the whole of the lower fuselage and a lot of the sides with my oil mix and not be to far wrong.


Thanks for looking in Rob and yes I'm still loving this build. So far its been lots of fun and can see the finishing post not to far away!


Regards. Andy 

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Not had much time on this recently but now have the undercarriage fitted and rigging  completed and much as possible before fitting the wings.






Getting there now and pretty happy with results using monofilament as rigging for the first time. So much nicer to use and look at with no twists to spoil the look. 


Regards. Andy 

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A little more done on the Eindecker, Staining added to the upper and lower wings in readiness for final assembly and rigging.








Not to much left to do in this one now, just need a couple of good sessions at the bench to complete it.


Regards. Andy 

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