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1/18 Scale Blue Box F4U-1A Corsair Modification


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3 hours ago, geedubelyer said:

is there any mileage in scratchbuilding the whole wing?


Hmmm - you want to add another year to this project?  :D  A very intriguing thought Guy.  The biggest problem would be to attain a good match with the center wing, both its trim or its contour.  Got any ideas?  The rest would be a job for Peter Castle!    

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Haha, yes. I just don't want this journey to end!:lol:


How do the kit wings look? Are they reasonably accurate in silhouette and cross section? If so, I'd use them as a template and employ techniques similar to how you and Peter have created wing forms before. 


Formers + balsa or filler?

Skin with litho. 


Roberts your Dad's brother and Fanny's your Mother's sister. ;)


For a man with your talent and joie de vivre, a week, tops......:innocent:



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7 hours ago, JayW said:

The wing - I have done one thing only on wings so far, and that is to attempt to break one apart (a top half and a bottom half).  I failed.  Did that a few months ago.  It is glued together so firmly that I am afraid I will destroy it to get it apart.  So that is an issue. 


Think about doing it destructively with minimum damage. If you haven't already, try using a jeweler's saw. The blades are available super thin so you won't have to worry about a large gap. 

Just throwing this out for consideration.

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I'm doing a new rudder - I will post progress soon.  Meanwhile - you know squadron commander Tom Blackburn was responsible for the skull and crossbones emblem VF-17 was know by.  Not sure when it happened relative to adoption of the emblem, but VF-17 was also known as the "Jolly Rogers".  That name stuck, and Navy fighter squadrons have used it ever since.  Here is another in series of totally bad-to-the bone naval fighters that have sported the skull and crossbones, and the name Jolly Rogers:


   im04thewallpapersorgphoto18664military aircraft  33jpg



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Posted (edited)
3 hours ago, Maybach_man said:

Peter does some really fine thin photo etch saws


At this point, I am just beginning to formulate a wing plan.  The way I see it currently, and this might change, I am going to use the existing wings and not do alot of scratch building.  And importantly, I think I will not split them apart, which would mean I don't need the jewelers saw.  The more I research the wing drawings and inspect the wings I have, the more I like them.  The shape and planform appear to be pretty close, and the thickness is as well.  Also, panel lines are not far off.


Soon I will post a much more detailed plan for comments.  At this juncture though, I think it is going to involve a scratch built aileron and flap, dremmeling out the areas where fabric skin is present (I will use 0.005 inch thick plastic sheet like I did on the elevators), and add rib caps in those areas for the sheet to lie on top of, hopefully to give it a bit of drape.  The rest, I will skin in aluminum.  That will include the entire leading edge forward of the spar, the gun bays, and the inboard end at the wing-fold region.


We shall see.



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Posted (edited)

Just a couple of shots of the new (and hopefully) improved rudder:






Note the thin plastic skin where the original one has doped tissue.


The major steps:  

 1.  Basic skeleton (done)

2.  Basic skin (1 of two done)

3.  circle section leading edge - ribs and skin (in process)

4.  Balance weight tower skeleton  (in process)

5.  P-38 filler - balance weight tower

6.  Tab skeleton, skin, drive rod  


A good scratch built rudder is a large project indeed.  I have checked and double checked everything I do, every measurement I make, trying to make sure it is perfect.  So far so good.....  Later. 

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