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IMAM Ro43 1/32 scratch-built


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2 hours ago, airscale said:

God I hope I see this at Telford or in person some day..


simply exquisite


..there are few models of this quality that litterally started as absolutely nothing





Many thanks Peter !

The fact that you appreciate my Ro43 is the greatest reward !

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Hello gentlemen,



Auxiliary floats are attached, it was easy with small metal pins.





Last wiring, always with RB parts except for the front and the rear cross made with sprue from Evergreen (1.5 X 0.25) to reproduce and glue the central ring.




And a frame for the last operations and transport of the plane.

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In Holland I would probably say VET VET COOL!

In Thailand... Aroi mat (phonetical)!


Both will express the same, simply outstanding work what I'm looking at and like.


Kind regards,


Robert Jan

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Many thanks for your comments !

Hello Bil, thanks for your beautiful picture I didn't have,  but I’ve already done the trolley.

And build a catapult would take me a couple of months and I am not sure that this type was on the Fiume, a Zara-class heavy cruiser.








The machine gun and its hydraulic support.

The end is very near !

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