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MIG-15 Bis BG Air Force Trumpeter 1/32

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      I wasn't trying to imply that you have to make it look like a mirror.  You can add some shine without going over the top.  I'm sure that new, there was some shine as aluminum doesn't come in matte when it's fresh off the rolling machine.  It oxidizes over time for sure.  But an in-service machine wouldn't look like a derelict that has been baking in the sun for 50 years.


Not trying to start an argument.  Just saying that there's differences.



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Yes Gaz, I'm absolutely agree with you. Of course there are a differences between panels :)

When I make a river lines, will sand the panels in different directions, to achieve those differences.

Thanks my friend ;)


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Hi again guys.

Thanks Madmax, I'm glad you like her :)

Well continue with the rivet-lines - two days riveting the fuselage and after that sanding panels at different directions. Just like Gaz said different panels - different shinning ;)

I thing it is a good result for now /more weathering at near future, after masks and decals /









The canopy also foiled:






Aaand tomorrow continue with the wings:




Cheers my friends ;)



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And the wings are ready - covered with aluminum and riveted:






Home-made decals are also done - printed and sealed with email clear varnish:






The cannon has a trolley :)




And a stand for the engine:






Cheers friends ;)



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