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TU-134 A BG Air Force A-Model 1/72

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Hello my friends :)

At this topic I will try to re-create the next BG plane for my collection :)

She will be a TU-134 A of BG Air Force. The model is not at big scale, it's 1/72 A-model, but it is a large bird ;)

Here is the photo of a real her:




For a lot of details and re-work I will use a resin engines from Amigo models:




and resin wheels from Armory:




Of course we must do a lot of scratch for the interior and for cockpit ;)


And here is the start: shape to gather the two halfs of the fuselage, because each one it's from three parts. Re-size the windows because the clear parts are bigger with 0.5 mm :)

and start to work over the interior - !!! you must take-off a lot of plastic from the kit part if you want the two parts of fuselage to fit perfectly ;)










Cheers guys :) and let see how far this build will go . . .

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Looking good!  I have the kit in the stash, but got bogged down with that odd vertical fin top fairing.  It's just not shaped like it is on the real airplane, and the only fix I can figure out is to build a completely new one from scratch.


Looking forward to seeing your progress!

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Hi Jennings and Thanks ;), well for the vertical fin it is different with the different modifications of the plane, but yep there is something true in your words, not only for the fins ;)

Here I re-worked the all front gear, because the manual is some insane and crazy thing . . . also continue with detailing the cockpit:




The resin wheels from Armory fits perfectly:




Detailing the pilots seats:








Cheers guys :)

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Yes Brian, and the result is more than good:






Totally re-worked the main gears, like the front one, because if you follow the manual, there is no way to mount them to the wings with stability :






And continue with rivets, rivets ,...................,  oh and more rivets.....:mental::mental:






Thank you for watching as always my friends :)



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