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Does the plastic kits are made from age?

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Building a forty year old Hasegawa F-4E hard wing as a blast from the past. Pretty much the way I remember it from 1978, warts and all.


This got me thinking about items at home that are more than forty years old. The silver, stoneware and other ceramics are still excellent. The seventy year old aluminium garlic press still works fine. Some of the old books have yellowed a tad, particularly the stuff printed on crappy paper. The wooden stuff is in good shape, as is the scarf I wore at college. But I don't have anything else as old as the aforementioned Hasegawa Phantom in plastic as the ex wife took custody of all my 12 ins vinyl. 


Think I might take up working in pewter 



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On 8/8/2018 at 10:40 PM, Tony T said:


What, you mean they never get broken when you play with them?



Yeah, best to keep a carefree attitude. Besides, it might be smarter to just toss the oldest kits in the bin because ; 1. it is expensive to make room for them all, 2. building is the fulfilling part. 

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