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The Madhatter

Zvezda Star Destroyer - a new detailing project

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21 minutes ago, The Madhatter said:

Usually I get it from www.thefiberopticstore.com in 30 foot lengths.


Cool! What do you use to push the light down the fiber run?

I've got some micro LEDs, and have thought about running some fiber for the IP instruments in a build of mine, but not sure it would be possible.

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SMDs (micro LED) can be used as a source of light but its finding a way of securing it in place will be the biggest  challenge.  Ive used them before by cutting out a plastic backing plate to glue on the end of a tube, then drill out 2 very small holes to run the wires out the back and hot glue the SMD in place. You can then use some heat shrink tube ove the whole thing and lightly heat crimp one end so you can feed the fibers into it to the light.  That  way, the  fibers will stay where they are and you light block the whole thing. 

If none of this makes any sense, tell me and I'll do up a photographical guide. Might be easier

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Got more work done with the top layer 3/4 finished. I still have more surfacing to do but I'm hoping to knock out a fair bit tonight (if World of Warships doesn't interrupt me)
I won't go to crazy on the roof though but you can see a clear difference between the kit surface and mine. Some might say that's not a good thing but I like it. Besides, once the paint goes on the busyness will disappear. I've glued on the sidewalls and then will drill out the remaining windows. The roof is just sitting on there until I have threaded through the fibers - a task I am not looking forward to.















I still have to drill out that center bit on the nose of the lower layer. I'll run some piping into it to make it more interesting.
That's all I have but thanks for looking

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Very nice work, I think that it's adding a huge amount of interest and detail doing what you're doing. Keep up the awesome work. 

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Thanks guys

I'm hoping to install the hangar bay lighting this weekend so will have some pics of that soon. I'm also almost finished detailing the sides, then it's the roof, so once it's all done, I'll take some more pics then.

Thanks for sticking around and commenting. I know it's an old thread that just won't die, but I'll get there eventually :D

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Hi again

Thought I'd share some pics of the successful lighting test of the hangar bay. I'm very happy with how it's come out. The light's aren't too strong which is good.





Not far from finishing the top section. The windows have all been drilled out and is now ready for the fun task of installing the fiber. Joy

Thanks for looking

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So, here I am with another update.
The roof is finished - or finished enough for now. It's looking pretty good to me. It's hard trying to keep it all in scale but I think I am doing alright.
A test fit of the bridge and neck was okay but I had to remove some stuff off the back left sidewall to allow the neck to slide all the way in. The fit is not the best - I'll be honest, I'm not sure if it's all me, or part me and part kit or just the kit itself. Either way, I'll have to think carefully about how the final construction is going to go.














Well, that's me done for another couple of weeks I think. I'll be making a start on the lower level sidewalls tonight hopefully, then the main body which will be very time consuming I think.
Till then
Adios amigos


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That is fantastic!  I can't imagine putting all of those tiny pieces in place.  It's gonna look great in the dark!



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