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RFI for the “Flying Dutchman� P-51D by Revell of Germany.

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I am almost 3 months overdue, but here it is. I am getting ready to pack up my kits and move them 700 miles, so it’s time to take pictures before the possible destruction happens.


WIP thread... https://forum.largescaleplanes.com/index.php?showtopic=73501&page=1


Basically this kit is OOB with addition of dollar bill belts, Airies resin tires, and EagleCals decals. She fought me since day 1, but I finished her! I specifically left off the antenna because I am not happy with thr ROG canopy and will consider changing to a Tamiya canopy later.















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Really nice work- I like the chosen livery too- love the 15 AF aircraft- we dont see enough of them.


Ive read a lot of negative comments about the canopy on this new ROG '51, and I think alot of folks have got replacements directly from Revell on request which are supposed to be better (not perfect....).

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            :goodjob: :clap2:

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