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Su-27UB Red 25 Finished!


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Just to prove I'm actually working on this, here is a big lump of grey plastic. It is a fun kit; for me it hits the sweet spot of just enough detail but not too many parts. (I actually like Trumpeter 1/32 aircraft kits and I've built a bunch of them. Sacrilege! :D ) It'll require a lot of filler, removing mold marks, and replacing soft detail, but none of that bothers me too much. My build process is to get as much as possible glued together, filled sanded etc before beginning the painting. The cockpit in this is very open so should be pretty easy to paint like this. I'm on holiday at the moment and the weather is lovely here so this has been a very relaxing build so far.







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Man, that's fast work!! are you going to load it with missiles?


If I'm going to get this finished in in time I thought I had better pull finger. :) I'll see how I feel when I get further through the build regarding missiles.

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