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  1. Hi, Do you still have your unforgettable Eagle? What about sharing some pictures of it with us?
  2. Top Gun sequel is coming (Top Gun: Maverick). No Tomcats but Super Hornets this time flying across the screen. Every new 1:32 Super Hornet will be very, very, very successful.
  3. Hi, I need to turn black Gunze Mr. Dissolved Putty and/or Mr. Surfacer. How ?
  4. I have two questions for you Chuck, - How thin, wide, and long are the styrene strips you cut to paint the inside of the nozzles? - How do you thin and spray the Tamiya Black Laquer? Plead keep us posted. You are amazing.
  5. Congratulations, Best thread of the year by far and large. Show us as much as possible of the painting of these exhausts.
  6. I am loving this build ! Keep posting, keep posting, keep posting...
  7. Bay 5 has been repainted. Check: "Many interior areas of the F-15's may be painted in a blue / green metallic color. Probably the most common place that modelers will run across this color is in the electronics bay (Bay 5) right behind the cockpit on F-15A and -C models. According to what I have been able to determine, this color was discontinued between 1979 and 1980. Also, many aircraft that have had depot-level maintenance performed on them since 1980 have had the bays repainted in gloss white. This is not always the case though because I have read that aircraft stationed at some bases, Kadena AFB for example, did not have the bays repainted. Keep in mind that this information is based on what I have been able to find on the internet and may be incorrect. If anyone has any additional comments or information, I would greatly appreciate An Email about it. Update - 01/09/2007 - Thanks to Donivan and his contacts at the USAF for verifying that Bay 5 is now being upgraded to gloss white during depot-level maintenance." (Source: www.craigcentral.com)
  8. Bay 5 on that aircfrsft is white
  9. Something important: No thread has ever came close to yours, and I follow you since your Hornet. It is not only about your modelling skill. It is not about your high quality pics. Mostly is about your narrative and how you interact with the public. I remember how exciting was following your Phantom thread years ago. There was a joy still unmatched. Enjoy Summer and keep going!
  10. Hk, Would you double check the seat headrest horns? They do not look at the rigth angle to me. Keep us posted. I love your builds.
  11. Hi, My apologies, but we need them badly in 1/48...
  12. Can you elaborate some more about the metal shades of the forward fuselage, air intakes, etc...
  13. I am the proud owner of an old 1/32 Revell Corsair. So far, the only aftermarket I have bought for it is a Verlinden cockpit. Given that I am starting to build it up to the 1A standard, I would like to know more about the aftermarket sets available for detailing the engine, the undercarriage legs, the canopy, and the slats. Best,
  14. Wrapping all this up, what I would like to know is where the new Revell Gustav is more or less accurate of his older Hasegawa brother? What really matters for me is the shape of major airframes parts, not the position of small access doors, air intakes or panel lines. Some more side by side phots would be very appreciated. Cheers,
  15. Hi, I am planning to build my F-15C in the colors of the 57th FS during the Nineties. Decals are an easy find, the problema are the CFTs. Are they available by any aftermarket producer?
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