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Recommend me a Kit

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I too would suggest the Tamiya 1/32 Corsair, allegedly the best kit ever produced though Tammy's 1/32 Mossie may challenge that...


Other good and worthwhile USN kits are produced by Trumpeter

The Avenger and Dauntless are excellent, others less so.

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What has been said :


Above the lot : Tamiya's Corsair


Then the Trumpeter's Wildcat, Dauntless or Avenger (and don(t touch, even with a long pole, their Corsair or even Hellcat )




I agree on the same Trumpeter kits. If you hunt around, you could find them a little cheaper at a model show, or on the web.

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Guest DeanKB

Trump Wildcat - maybe an early one, with bright yellow wings.


Reasonably priced if you look. Maybe grab an Eduard cockpit PE set.


The Avenger is a superb kit - a big old aeroplane with tons of plastic - but not cheap.


Same with the Tamiya Corsair.

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