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F-16A & F-16C Aggressor Double Build - The Double is Done!


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Here is the opening of my next project: An F-16 Aggressor double-build. Here are the subjects I will create


F-16A NSAWC in blue/gray camo





(Image labelled for noncommercial reuse)


I will be building a pretty current-state version of "55".


F-16C Alaska Aggressor in gray/black splinter camo




(Image labelled for noncommercial reuse)


Kits and AM stuff to me used:



· Tamiya F-16C Block 32 (the Thunderbirds kit)

· Tamiya F-16C Block 50 intake sprue

· Aires GE Exhaust

· Avionix Block 30 cockpit (the Aires cockpit is badly wrong)

· Crossdelta stiffener plates

· Two Bobs Alaska Aggressors decal sheet

My strategy is to build both kits in parallel from tip through exhaust, including cockpit, but stop the parallel action before assembling wings and vertical tail. At that point I may focus on the one airframe, all the while doing bits and pieces for the other where it makes sense (e.g. I will build all ACMI pods together).


Hope to have you along for the ride!


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Wow, loving the enthusiasm, I have a lot to live (or should I say build) up to!


Anthony, yes, the KASL goodies are out and they are terrific!


I'd follow any of your builds Buddy, but with an Aggressor F-16 (likely Nellis AFB) on my future wish list, this big project will be more interesting than ever. 


Model On!



 Boy you will have a lot of paint options to choose from! Kinda jealous but I wanted one of these to be a GE big mouth bird and I still like this classic blue and gray scheme. By the way do take a look at the KASL Pratt exhaust, I think they also make one to fit the Tamiya kit. I will be doing an extensive Aires GE vs KASL P&W comparison when the time comes.



I am starting with the intake assemblies on both kits:




You can see how Chris' parts make the Academy intake assembly a piece of cake, everything fit perfectly, including the back section of the intake over the Aires wheel well.




Not that I am complaining about the Tamiya intake, it just requires a little more work but it's modelling basics. And I did somehow manage to jam the Aires front wheel well into the forward intake assembly, phew!







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Guest Peterpools


WOW, what a fantastic thread ... looking frward to following every step of the way. Thank you for the comparisons and I'm sure a lot of questions are going to be answered before we even ask them

Keep 'em coming


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Thx guys!


Anthony, do a quick google search for something like 1/32 KASL F-16 exhaust, you will get a bunch of hits. I ordered mine via a link from their FB page but looks like a few online stores carry them now. They are teally friendly and professional to deal with.


On the subject of resin: I was about to order some Aires Aces II seats for the F-16B (I already have on for the C), but before I do, any thoughts on what is the best resin F-16 Aces II out there? Should definitely not be with molded-on belts. Any thoughts on the Legend seats?




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