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  1. Wow chuck very impressive that's a good solution to the problem. But looking at your pictures, can I ask the cap that you made is round and smooth the cap on the picture is somewhat corrugated, rippled do you plan on reproducing another cap similar to that one. Also good to hear that you're home safe after a good holiday
  2. Wow! Your model is absolutely stunning Chuck, and your photography is just as good
  3. Absolutely amazing Chuck Thank U LOOK forward to next model !!
  4. Congratulations Chuck your work never ceases to amaze me, and quite enjoyable to watch
  5. Love you work Chuck looking very good no, sorry!... I mean It looks Great That cockpit in that last pic is amazing (real looking)
  6. Chuck nice to see you back at LSP I also have jumped in for this Great Ride looking forward to this great 2019 Kitty Hawk F-5E Kicked Up A Notch... Build
  7. Craig you amaze me with every page, every scroll of the mouse you are a Master As much as I can't wait until this is finally finished I also do not wish it too soon as I am enjoying looking at every obstacle that you encounter and then solve them as though it wasn't an issue at all.
  8. Hey chuck, Even though I have not responded for a while on your threads and any other ones for that matter, I do look at them all the time every time you put a new post on I quite enjoy the work that you do and how far you go with detail and explanations. Personally, I've been too busy on my own stuff (not modelling) and for relaxation sometimes I just catching up on what you and some of the other guys here are doing. So please don't feel that we don't admire the work you put into this threads and appreciate them we do. Please keep it up thanks P.S. This Spitfire is turning out amazi
  9. Yes, I also would like to Congratulate!! you Chuck on your finish Model... Awesome Build!! and Awesome Photos!!! Cheers Mario
  10. Congratulations!! Chuck on a well Built Model It's been an amazing 21 months... Watching your WIP sections have been very educational, and enjoy to watch Thanks. And can't wait for your Next Project!! looking forward to it, also very happy that LSP Kevin is going to document this on one of his eBooks, definitely a MUST to buy! Cheers
  11. Chuck, your attention to detail is just amazing, the cockpit looks so realistic.. the paintwork & detail gone into those engines, exhausts... The amount of time that you have put into building this!! Looking forward to seeing your final photos on this F-15C Cheers
  12. Very nice Slavkic, you're MiG29AS 0921 model and airbase looks great!!
  13. Well no I never ended up getting my masks, I did get my money back from eBay and never did hear back from that guy
  14. Wow!! Milan absolutely Amazing I agree some of those pictures you've got there with all the panels open honestly looks great!
  15. Your inflight version looks impressive!! Milan looking forward to the new pictures that you're going to be posting
  16. Yes I do agree that is Just Beautiful! I just skim through it at the moment I will enjoy reading it in detail later when I get back home tonight
  17. Hey Jim great Paint Job!! Your preparation in the masking and has paid off, looks awesome. If you plan on showing it off anywhere in Sydney I wouldn't mind going for a drive to look at it
  18. Wow great update Milan I bought myself a set of those Eduard PE masks some time ago, it's nice to see them in actual use
  19. That Aussie birds looking great Jim... Plus also looking forward to your colour episode
  20. Looking good Milan! looking forward to seeing your salt weathering technique
  21. Great update, as always Chuck your model threads… correction tutorials on How-To-Build a model aeroplane would have to be one of the best explained on any forum. If ever I get an opportunity to visit Canada besides the beautiful and majestic landscape that Canada's got to offer, it would also be a good opportunity to coincide it with a model show/competition that you, with any luck would be displaying one of your model planes in.
  22. That paintwork is looking good Milan... Plus your display case is very interesting and unique.
  23. When and had a look at your website, great build you got going there plus it's nice to see the model taking shape. Italeri has done a great job on it by the looks of it. BTW Nice masking and yes, very good idea about the decal sheet.
  24. Wow those Bombs do look amazing, big difference in detail compared to the kit ones and your build is just as amazing and detailed. Looking Good.
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