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WnW AEG G.IV sharkmouth / Finito!

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Hey guys and gals!

I decided a work in progress was in order as i haven't shared a proper build with all my fellow LSPers and friends here for a long time now...

I just managed to wrap up my latest build yesterday morning (a wnw Roland D.VIb) and will be posting photos of it soon in RFI, but since i have three days off until my next flight i thought why not start something new...something ambitious...something bigger than your average single seat fighter.

A twin engined aircraft was what the doctor recommended, so the choice was either to start a Felixstowe, a Gotha or an AEG...

The felixes i didnt want to start as i am eagerly following every installment in Ernie's build and didn't want to divert attention from it, the Gothas i am leaving for another day so i decided to cull the AEG stack...

In all honesty i also find the AEG to be very pretty with its stubby fuselage and night lozenge camo, the sharkmouth scheme of White VII just was the cherry on top and i took the dive...took a look in my ww1 am box to see what i had to throw into the build and decided to go with the HGW textile belts and just add the Aviattic resin priming cups to the engines...

The plan is to have one engine completely naked in the framework while the other one will be partially covered and try replicating as much as i can see in my references. Talking about references i will be using windsock datafile 51, windsock modelling special and photos from the G.IV on display in Canada's aviation and space museum.

'White VII' is from an unidentified unit that saw service and  is thought to have been in operation in mid to late 1918, which will allow me to use some artistic license in weathering the aircraft to my liking.

I spent the whole morning today working on the kit and a bit this afternoon getting a feel for how she will look like. The quality of the parts is sublime as are all wnw kits ive worked on to date. Spent the morning nipping the parts for the cockpit off the sprues and cleaning them up. I also added the lightening holes on the back of the pilot seat and on the rails below, where the seat is attached, but half running a 1.5mm drillbit with a round head until it gave me nice little circular indentations, I will initiallly be following the wnw sequence of the build but might adapt down the road. One thing i noticed is this is the first wnw kit that doesnt give you at the end of the cockpit build a page with what the cockpit should look like with all the colors in a CAD illustration. No problem as i digged in the references and in some of the builds online and i managed to get a sense for where the colour changes from rubber black to interior grey-green on the cockpit floor.

I primed all the parts in black primer from MRP which went on beautifully. After that i painted on a very basic woodgrain pattern on the floor using tamiya deck tan and linoleum brown for the graining, using RB woodgrain templates, overcoated with clear orange to contrast well with the black overcoat. I figured the flooring was made of plywood which was overpainted with the rubber black, so i decided to go for some paint wear from the commander moving forward to the bomb release section in the nose and from the gunner in the back area with their muddy boots constantly rubbing around. to this effect, i used ak worn effects and chipped the topcoat of paint. Topcoat was Tamiya's nato black and german grey for postshading. It all looks a bit rough at this point and will be all tied together at a later stage, this is all to get a rough idea of how i will be proceding. I mottled the coverage of the grey-green on the fuel tanks (on which the commander and pilot sit!) and the area in front and behind the tank... and that was pretty much it for today!

I still have tomorrow and the day after full swing working on the kit then the progress will slow down a bit as i have two flights in a row so lets see where this is all going to go till then  :yahoo:


below some photos of the proverbial boxtop and some photos of today's progress...

Looking forward to your comments and having you along for the ride my friends!



Below the link to my gallery on Smugmug which replaces the previous photos from photobucket



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this is a first time I see RB woodgrain templates in work. I was in doubts, when I saw it in his page, but now I see the result is very, very convincing...

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OMG........Karim my friend, every time you start a new WNW build, my jaws keep falling deeper and deeper mate.


Question, how are the R&B templates??


Keep up this very splendid work my friend, i'm enjoying this very much. :popcorn:  :popcorn:  :popcorn:





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This is quite a departure for you... nearly missed this, 'scuse me while I grab a chair and a beer for this....


Cheers my friend! thanks for being here 

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