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  1. phantomdriver

    AfterMarket For Kinetic Hawk Advanced Trainer

    Then the Mk 10b would suffice.....
  2. phantomdriver

    Airfix News Just in from Telford: 1/24 Hellcat!

    Good choice, not just another.. "Yawn.. 109/190/ Spit.."
  3. phantomdriver

    The Next Airfix 1/24 Kit Will Be...

    wait till 11am at Telford, they normally make the announcement then...
  4. Yes, there was an early manufacturing issue....
  5. phantomdriver

    Akan paints in Telford

    IIRC, Coastal craft models are UK stockists, providing they have a stand this year,,
  6. phantomdriver

    Revell (Italeri) Mirage III good price

  7. There appears on FB, a teaser, that Phasehanger Resin may be doing the intakes, and, may be very close to completion...
  8. phantomdriver

    Pinterest. Have you had issues?

    no idea, but sometimes they email you telling you stuff has been removed.. This, in their mind constitutes a breach of conditions, and after a few warnings they shut you down'. They did it to me, after I posted a few bikini chicks , and the supposed owner of the shots issues a complaint, as far as I knew, there were no watermark/ copyright tags... but then, who knows?.... Dale, in the meantime, don't panic...
  9. phantomdriver

    Pinterest. Have you had issues?

    You shouldn't have too much of a problem, as long as it isn't either copyrighted or watermarked like Airliners/ fighters etc
  10. phantomdriver

    Pinterest. Have you had issues?

    Be careful what you post, I had 2 accounts deleted because of DCMA complaints, when all I did was reposted other people's pins, and yet stuff regularly disappears without warning...
  11. phantomdriver

    Pinterest. Have you had issues?

    did you get emailed about the deletion?
  12. phantomdriver

    Contact info for Dave Roof

    He's often active on FB
  13. phantomdriver

    Omani Hunter, Call her done!

    Yeah, must get started on my T8M...
  14. phantomdriver

    What do I need to do an A-6A w. all bells & whistles?

    Bill, for the Retrowings... Go to Retrokit.... https://retrokitonline.net/product/gru-5-ejection-seats I got a set from their stand at Telford last year... You may want to look at AOA decals ...