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  1. phantomdriver

    A-6A/E Exhausts & F-16 HTS Pod from Sierra Hotel

    Indeed it is.. It took at least 5 pm's via here to Netz, and then personal emails to even get a response..... Then a string of emails to finally get what I needed ( after 6 weeks)... The response from either partner was ......"... that's his responsibility etc.." or "... we've been having email problems via the domain name..." Honestly, I don't know why they bother, as it's frustrating to modellers who want their products...
  2. phantomdriver

    KC-390 EMBRAER Scratchbuild

    I have only seen one KC-390.. and that was ktbashed in1/72... that was impressive.. But this? Brilliant!
  3. phantomdriver

    Vietnam Era Huey

    Academy did a "Heavy Hog " version a few years ago..
  4. I rather think most of us are glad you are back... I got to the point where I was imagining the worst , as your inbox had been set to " not accepting"
  5. phantomdriver

    Problems posting with Chrome

    nope, same problem..
  6. phantomdriver

    Problems posting with Chrome

    got the same prob with Firefox, had to swap back to IE to post this...
  7. If they fixed the trunking issue, I would have a few..
  8. phantomdriver

    Flight loses Cabin pressure. Passengers hurt.

    notoriously bad business practices...
  9. phantomdriver

    Flight loses Cabin pressure. Passengers hurt.

    typical of RYanair...
  10. phantomdriver

    Has anyone ordered from MasterCasters?.....

    He has a had a recent history of bad communication etc. Only last year there were at least 2 cases of complaints about him...
  11. phantomdriver

    Tamiya Spitfire Mk IX Kicked Up A Notch: Last Post

    yep... same here... hopefully in a few weeks once my cave is finished it will end...........
  12. phantomdriver

    Trumpeter A6A Help Needed

    I think KarimB did a really good build about a year ago..
  13. phantomdriver


    yep, just concerned, as he's been a great contributor, despite his challenges...
  14. phantomdriver


    wow, along with the drumming sessions?
  15. phantomdriver


    good to hear, although he has other interests, doesn't make him a lesser part of our family...