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  1. I was sadly disappointed with the SH cans, after having had a lot of success with their stuff previously. The flameholders, which were cast integral to the can itself, were moulded blank at the rear, with no way to cleanly hollow the gaps. After 3 unanswered emails over 2 months, I dumped them in a box. These ones look a lot better to work with..
  2. There is, of course a det cord decal.. Either Flying Leathernecks or Phase Hanger I think..
  3. Navy/Marines never had the G's.........
  4. when did they start being fitted? Were they on Vietnam birds..?
  5. CMK do a correction kit for the Vb, including the clear stuff..
  6. somewhat how Raymond Chung started Luckymodels and Kinetic...
  7. Afterburner closed a few years ago... You might find by googling reedairpublishing
  8. Try your local Hobbycraft store in the crafts section... mostly come in various colours and diameters,
  9. Make sure the padlocks are weatherproof....
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