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  1. IIRC, the Hasegawa cones and tubes are all moulded in one piece , , and are nothing like the Aires set...
  2. pointless when you consider the spine issue....
  3. Odd, none of the shots show any resin, only standard Academy plastic
  4. Not so, it's the same as the Sufa I have at home, apart from decals and their own PE frets. No one said it was Academy doing the price setting, merely that it was all the Academy plastic and NO resin.....
  5. Too much money for an Academy kit with a different decal sheet...,,
  6. I had my suspicions about the spine... Some fool in my LHS store was waffling that ".. the kit was signed off by Boeing, with no faults..." so much for that...
  7. Good choice, not just another.. "Yawn.. 109/190/ Spit.."
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