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Special Hobby Westland Whirlwind Mk 1

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I can recommend  Whirlwind: Westland's Enigmatic Fighter  by Niall Corduroy as a good source of the back story. The last aircraft is allegedly buried somewhere on the Yeovil airfield. The Whirlwind fighter project web site has a lot of information and are in the process of building a non flying full size replica. This was another of Petter's brilliant designs but complex and expensive to build. I intend buying the kit as soon as its issued!

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Guest DeanKB

Oh bollocks. Again.


I'm designing my stash divestment strategy (i.e. Sell Stuff), but new kits like this coming out makes it very difficult. How can I pass up a 1/32, reasonably priced, Westland Whirlwind?!


Then there's HK's Lancaster due at some point. Revell have a 190, P-51D & He219A due soon, all cheap and cheerful. Special Hobby have a flurry of Tempests, with Typhoons to follow, WNW chuck three Albatros in one kit and a Taube, with goodness knows what else suddenly appearing from the ether. Silver Wings have an Re.2000, with a Yak-9 in development. I'm also sure whatever else they do next will be a superb choice. 


First world problems.

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One of the problems was that you couldn't switch tanks over. So if a tank was holed you had one other full tank that you couldn't use.

It was not a complete failure though. The engines were underdeveloped but if you look at the airframe how clean it is with very low

frontal surface and four 20mm cannon it packed quite a punch.

If the kit is in the correct price range... Could be a good donor kit for a what if with an engine with more power and/or one more stage in the supercharger.



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Just saw this now!!. I am in serious trouble wirg the Mrs next year it seems. I still have a spot on my shelf for the 1/24 Typhoon, one for the HKM 1/32 B17. How in in the world am I going to manage the Lanc (A MUST) and a whirlwind. 


I have a spare kidney, any takers?

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When I spoke to one of the guys on the SH stand at Telford it was clear that they were well behind on their aspirations for this kit!

The model is in progress but I was informed that we should get the kit by late 2018.

There is also a possibility that the Whirlwind and the Typhoon could be released within a short time of each other.

Unless things have changed I suspect the other projects could be well behind the first two releases so don't hold your breath.

We'll see in due course?

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Suits me fine! I've got enough to keep me going in the meantime and I have it on backorder at Hannants....currently without the spare cash to pay for it, so late next year is good by me.


Going to be an expensive build. It might upset the purists, but my Whirlwind is going to be a "What if". I already have two resin Griffons, some odds and sods from an Fw-190, Hellcat and Sea Fury waiting in the wings. It's going to be a lot of Frankenstein type fun! Bwwaaaahaaaaahaaaaahaaaaahaaaa!  :wicked:

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