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  1. One point worth checking with references. The charts states that the markings can be either white on a black background or black on a white background. I know most decals follow this. However, on their NMF aircraft, I know that the 401st Bomb Group for example painted the triangle black and left the letter "S" in natural metal. Make sense I suppose, as the group letter would stand out just as well in silver as it would in white and would save the resources and time of painting it white. Not sure if any other groups used this method, but I wouldn't be surprised if they did.
  2. My pleasure. If you google Gerhard Schopfel, there are a few more images taken at the same time that will help with reference if you decide to build this scene. It would make a great diorama. Steve
  3. That's Bf-109E-4 "Yellow 1" belonging to Gerhard Schopfel of 9/JG-26. Photo most likely taken at Caffiers, France mid August 1940. Quite a well known bird with decals available, and probably a decal option with at least one Emil kit. Steve
  4. Thanks Jeff. If we can all help each other out, even if it's just a little bit, then the world's a better place. I think the overall conclusion that I came to was one of being overwhelmed. I had overwhelmed myself and my hobby to the extent that it stopped being a hobby and maybe more of an obsession. I had to put the brakes on that and clear the decks. I will admit that recently, I allowed myself to pull just one large scale kit out of the store. An Airfix 1/24 109E. I've started on that in between my smaller scale builds...so perhaps I can put my foot back in the door at LSP. Steve
  5. Hi Dean; It's just the way she is. She just seems to tolerate pain without complaining. If she does happen to say something, then I know it has to be very bad. If I remember correctly, she did use the meds initially, then gave up. I think she decided that she was going to deal with it in her own way, and as I said, it was pretty apparent that work, stress etc was the cause. Once we addressed as much of this as we could, it was amazing how quickly things turned around. Steve
  6. I've got the companion volumes to the Crescent Warplanes of the Luftwaffe: American and British Warplanes. Need to find them, but they were the other two volumes in the set. Basically just excerpts from the old Orbis Encyclopedia of Aircraft, a tome that was recycled many times!
  7. Hi Dean! Here's my take on this for what it's worth.... First off, I've taken a break from LSP for largely the same reasons, and others that I won't go into here. I haven't logged in to contribute, mainly because I felt I didn't have anything to contribute. I just felt a bit burnt out. So I stepped back from the hobby and had a good look, and this is what I found. I ground to a halt because of pressure. Pressure from myself and perhaps everything I was seeing online and at shows. I felt that every build I started had to be a wunderbuild...and nothing short of a wunderbuild would do. I had to throw every piece of available aftermarket at it, try to achieve the perfect paint job, achieve a flawless build, correct all the kits shortcomings, research each subject to death etc, etc, etc, etc. So eventually, hardly anything ended up getting built...but yet I kept buying more and more. The stash got bigger, I kept spending more money, and I had nothing to show for it. As you rightly said, the outcome of this was that the hobby became chore. To be honest, I think a bit of OCD was at play here also, and if you will forgive me, perhaps all of us in this hobby suffer from a bit of OCD. It seems that nothing short of perfection will do. I still wanted to build, but the enthusiasm to start had gone. I was just contenting myself with peering in the boxes occasionally and putting them back on the shelf. I ended up just building them in my mind's eye. So I stopped, and tried to remember when I was last really happy with my hobby. My realisation was that it was when I was a kid. I saved my pocket money, went to the newsagent or toyshop on a Saturday, bought a kit, slapped it together and bought another the following weekend. No stash, no aftermarket, no super detailing, no bookshelves full of reference, no unclogging airbrushes. Just simple, uncomplicated fun....and no pressure. So I cleared out my overstuffed mancave, and put all of my large scale or complex kits in store (I have a business lock-up) and totally cleared my room out. What I left, was my workbench and a small pile of old 1/72 kits that I built as a kid to re-visit. I've been building out of the box, painting with hairy sticks and generally having a blast. Don't get me wrong, I've been trying to get the best finish and hopefully improving on what I managed as a ten year old, but I've not been sweating it, and it's been a blast. I've even re-visited the sense of excitement that I got back then as I tip the sprues out of the box of a Matchbox Tempest or Siskin and get ready to build. I've actually now got a selection of kits that I've finished, and I'm quite proud of them, despite the odd flaws or inaccuracies....and I'm not bothered a jot. I've even started a little themed collection that I wanted to do since I was 13 years old. Aircraft from the first airshow I went to. I'm now enjoying the hobby again. Perhaps more than I have for a long time. I won't ditch those lovely big 1/32 and 1/24 kits just yet. I may not at all and bring them back one day, but for now I'm taking a break and clearing my head. Sometimes life just need a de-clutter. As for the Fibromyalgia: My wife was diagnosed with this about six years ago. She was in a lot of pain and was generally at a very low point. She was given all the drugs, but never took them. We looked at it, and decided it all coincided with her job and a stressful time we were going through at home. She had been made an area manager for a local charity. The workload was awful, the stress levels ridiculous and the pay crap. Plus, we had some issues at home that didn't help. One day, we decided to turn it all around. She quit her job, started an online business so she could be at home, we dealt with all the crap at home and generally tried to eliminate as much stress as possible. Despite being told that she would have Fibro for good, it cleared up without treatment. For her, it was just a lifestyle change that was needed. Don't know if any of that helps.....just a few thoughts from me. Steve
  8. Got some 1/72 Candyman/Moose decals already on the way, and will be ordering the 1/32 set too. Looking forward to trying them out! I'm quite pleased that there are folk out there that produce "Warbird" decals. My current project is everything that was at the first warbird airshow I went to back in 1983 (albeit in 1/72...I didn't have the room for this in 1/32!!) Just putting the finishing touched to Stephen Grey's Bearcat.....Candyman willl be next.
  9. Blimey! He's at it again! There's the rest of us playing with plastic, and Peter's doing ground up reproductions of the real thing. ....Now, where did I put my Starfix kit?
  10. The HK Lanc will get released on the 16th of May, and you've got to get it finished and posted here in time for the anniversary Be cool to see the Dambusters on the big screen though...
  11. If we're talking musically, then I liked the early 80s. Very diverse and interesting. I started losing interest after about 84, and by the time we got to about 86/87, most chart music was garbage not too dissimilar to recent stuff (well, without that awful autotune nonsense) 90% of my record collection probably ranges from 1976 to 1983...the time frame of my first getting into music to my early teenage years. I'll certainly check out Carpenter Brut though. Currently enjoying Marble Skies by Django Django...another recent band inspired by many genres, including synth pop. Very good they are too!
  12. Just surprises me it's taken this long to get one. A design well ahead of it's contemporaries and a bit of an icon. I'll certainly be up for a few!
  13. Yes! I've wanted a 1/32 Bf 108 for a long time. I always thought it would have been a good subject for Revell. So many possible colour schemes! Not heard of Striped Fighter either. Wonder what the kit and price will be like?
  14. F-111 for me too please in 48th TFW markings preferably. Practically live at Lakenheath in my late teens. One point for Tanmodel though. Looking down the list, I spy a 1/48 Blenheim. I thought that Airfix will probably have that sown up, so if Tanmodel would like to up the scale of their Blenheim to 1/32, I would be very, very happy. Thank you.
  15. Oh yes! This should be good. Dreadnaughts and all I hope, with lashings of Queen's English and aliens. The Beeb do period dramas well. Just finished five seasons of Ripper Street. Loved it, and genuinely wish we still spoke proper like that.
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