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  1. Then it's slightly unfair that there has been suggestions that other sites suffer from the clique problem, because I have never found myself excluded from joining in on any other site. I only chimed in, because I thought some of the comments were a bit uncalled for, such as the suggestion that 1/72 scale kits are toys. We're all keen modellers, and comments like that are frankly a bit snobbish. I dabble in many scales, as it's the subject I model, not so much the scale. So I find myself on many sites, and they all have their own character which I think, is a good thing most of the time. As for cliques on LSP. Admittedly, it's been a few years since I participated here (I joined in 2004). I think it did start to become a thing for a while, and I left after getting burnt and because I didn't want to rock the boat over it. If things are different now, I'll happily come back. Steve
  2. Interesting points being raised about other sites, but the bottom line is that every modelling site has it's centrisms, cliques, personalities, and outlooks coloured by their geographical locations, including LSP. In fact, that's pretty much the same for any forum on any subject, anywhere.
  3. Does the Trumpeter 1/24 kit have the same undersized nose as the 1/32 kit? I'm guessing so, but thought I'd ask first. Steve
  4. To be honest, I think they may be a bit high, but personally, not enough for me to worry about...others may want to sort it out though. The thrust line of the outboard props are central to the leading edge though, which is how they should be I've read. Either way, it's still a very nice kit. Steve
  5. Give it a little time, and I suspect the aftermarket boys will be all over this kit. Got mine today. It looks amazing in the box and I'm very happy with it. It's a great package all round so my hat is off to HK. As much as I love the old Monogram kit, there really is no comparison. It should build just fine OOB, but the scope is there to go silly with the extras, which I'm sure we'll start seeing soon. Steve
  6. The 51 wheel well looks amazing, and fills a big (literal) gap on the Airfix kit. I'm well up for anything that appears for the Spitfire too. Those kits are crying out for any aftermarket. As far as the wing dihedral is concerned, and this affects the Spit too, just add what the real aircraft had...a wing spar. I use Evergreen box tube and make spars for my kits. Works every time and appears to give the kit more strength too. Steve
  7. I'd love a Do-17Z with the Bramos, but a 215 would be cool too, along with any of the early true "Pencils" as those pre war tri colour schemes appeal greatly. I may have to revert to 1/48th to get what I would like to build though. Steve
  8. I had a feeling this new B-2 would just scale up all the issues of the 1/32 kit. A shame and very lazy on Trumpeter's part I think. I even thought about robbing parts from my Airfix kit to put the Trumpy kit right, but heck, I may as well build the Airfix one instead. It's still a good kit.
  9. Well, I'm still hoping for the Do-17 in 1/32. The 111 and 88 are needing the third Musketeer to complete the set. I won't hold my breath though, and besides, I've got plenty of other stuff to build while I wait for hell to freeze over. Personally, I think it's one cool looking aeroplane...but I do have a thing for twin tailed birds.
  10. Juggernut: Thank you for all the information. It's priceless. I think I like the look of Katy with the F style nose, so now the task of finding or making one begins! Best regards; Steve
  11. That's really interesting to know. Thanks for the info. All the years I've looked at that photo, and I never spotted that she had a F style nose blister fitted. I'll have to look back through her damage reports and nail down when it was likely replaced. The above photo was taken in August 44, and I have a nice close up photo of the nose taken at Valley on the way back Stateside in 45. I'll have to see if she retained that blister for the rest of the war. Looks as though I need to find a F style nose for my kit then! Best regards; Steve
  12. That's pretty cool! We've chosen two 17s only 9 apart on the production line! I spent about 15 years back in the 90s researching "Ice Cold Katy" of the 612th, 401st Bomb Group. Got the complete history and corresponded with many ex crew members, so she was the natural choice of build for the HK kit for me. I think she must have had the standard G nose fitted then, if the kit has the very late style nose glazing supplied. I guess this is was what was being explained to me. ice-cold-katy-one-engine Best regards; Steve
  13. Hi Juggernut; Thanks for the reply, and that photograph is great isn't it? Luckily, I have a nice photo of the tail area of the aircraft I want to model (42-107039), and she had an early stinger tail fitted, so that's that one sorted. She also appears to have had the wing tip vents, which strangley I can't see on the aircraft in the foreground of the above photo. So apart from staggering the waist guns and adding vents, I've been told that she had the earlier nose glazing fitted (the new HK kit has the later version fitted I've been informed). The waist gun mounts are also the same as those seen above. I think I'll pick up the B-17G early boxing of the kit and go from there. I suspect also that we're going to see a lot of aftermarket and mods appear for this kit once it hits the shelves. Happy days! Thanks for the reply! Steve
  14. Juggernut: Not being a total B-17 expert, apart from adding staggered waist gun windows, is there much else I would need to modify to get a B-17G-35-DL from this kit? Regards; Steve
  15. One point worth checking with references. The charts states that the markings can be either white on a black background or black on a white background. I know most decals follow this. However, on their NMF aircraft, I know that the 401st Bomb Group for example painted the triangle black and left the letter "S" in natural metal. Make sense I suppose, as the group letter would stand out just as well in silver as it would in white and would save the resources and time of painting it white. Not sure if any other groups used this method, but I wouldn't be surprised if they did.
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