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Ok, I am a strong proponent of this GB, and feel my fellow modellers should sometimes be ready to move out of their comfort range of guns-and-bombs-bristling-camoed-WWII-fighters :) !


I therefore hope this thread will be an encouragement for them to try something different, just as I am doing here. If you know me, or have read some of my posts, you will know that I have always professed NEVER to build a Spitstang or Messerwulf, and that my stash has more resin and esoteric  injected plastic than most would consider lawful :)


But only fools never change their mind, so here is (another) entry from me in this GB, AND my first Tamiya kit ever , AND my first Spifire ever! Now if this is not a proof of the bad influence of LSP on my firmly-set beliefs, what will be ?


So here is my entry, with the compulsory "starting shots" and comments, more to take a date, as I have another one to complete in the "Jurassic Plastic" GB first, but I am now commited ;) :


Tamiya's (gorgeous, I reckon, from fondling the sprues) Spitfire Mk IXc




It will be built as the famous MH434, in its G-ASJV silver, white and blue livery. No guns, not a hint a Dark Green or Ocean Grey or Medium Sea Grey ! ( I am willing to "compromise" my standards, but not to that point, guys, besides the explicit GB rules ! )


And even though it can be built OOB from all the threads I have read here, i have added a few AM, that I hope will improve on the fantastic kit base:


  • RAM decals RAM32-002  "G-ASJV" decals sheet - that was the minimum for the entry anyway ;)

  • Yahu Models YMA3220 Spitfire Mk IX early instrument panel, which is the absolute bees knees when it comes to finesse of details :frantic:

  • some BarracudaCast replacements : the rock covers with the Rolls_royce logos, the 4-slot maninwheels, the door with the separate crowbar (which was possibly red in G-ASJV livery times ;) ), the seat with leather backpad, the starboard cokpit sidewall, and finally the cockpit upgrade set with finer-than-the-kit details such as the control stick or throttle quadrant

  • and finally, a RB Productions Sutton QS QL QP, which I conjectured would have been fitted on G-ASJV when she was sporting her blue/white/silver livery.



And finally, if you ask about my "Spirit of Africa"  build thread here as well, it is not forgotten, and will be continued. I felt however that interjecting an "easier" kit could be a good boost to my modelling time and possibly to the interest of this GB for my fellow LSPers.


(As as side comment, I just hope that life will be more gentle for my modelling than the last week (although it looks pretty grim right now) and will spare me some bench-time in the near future. and btw, my Gee Bees build on the "Jurassic Plastic" GB has progressed, but I need to oragnise and write-up the description of this update, and that will not be before another 10 days I suspect)


Thanks for enduring my ramblings :) !



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So your deviant modeling has brought ME here today.


I can't wait to see your new found zest for A "Spittlefire" {MY 3 year old nephew calls the Spitfire thus.. :rofl: ).


liking the goodies as well as the leather back pad.


Hubert MY dear friend I am sure you will produce a marvelous model.



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Oh !! a Spitfire ( even in civil dress) from Hubert , that's an event ! this will change from your usual "comfort area" ....... humm , Watch out mate , you could enjoy it :whistle: ..... sure you will ,


Lol Alain. I reckon me doing a Spitfire must be among the most unbelievable events on LSP. But having a pic of Maru on LSP or seeing Peter (airscale) assembling a plastic kit would still be a lot bigger events ;)



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