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Alain Gadbois

Hasegawa Me 262 Aufklärer Ia

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Hello all!

When this GB was announced I started looking through my stash of kits for a good project.

I was surprised at how many old  (but still very nice)  kits I had.

A good number of those kits have already been taken up by others, so here is my choice: the

Hasegawa Me 262.

A sound kit really, but lacking in detail, mostly in the wheel wells.

My project is to convert it into the reconnaissance version with the cockpit moved forward where

the guns are normally situated. The two cameras are in the rear fuselage and the former cockpit

area is now the location of extra fuel tanks.


So here is the kit, and a general arrangement drawing from Messerschmitt reproduced in one of the Classic books.








Bye for now, and I wish you a very happy new year!



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Hi all!

Did not do much modeling today but here are some pictures of the kit plus the first step

in plugging the cockpit section.

Surface detail is made of raised panel lines and rivets that will disappear with all the conversion work

so it will be replaced with what I hope will be accurate surface detail.

I always thought that all rivets and panel lines were filled on the Me 262, but closer study of photos

reveal all these to be quite visible with a poor surface finish.


Fuselage section:



Cockpit tub. I will try to use this a basis of the new cockpit parts.





Now the first glued on plastic bits!  The plan is to fill up with epoxy putty and sand smooth.



Thank you for watching!


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Hello all!


The following photos show where the epoxy putty was applied and after waiting all day,

the shaping and sanding to get the smooth contour of the fuselage.






On the second photo I have cut out the front wheel well opening that allows the nose wheel to lie flat, leaving all the

necessary space for the new forward cockpit position. I have dressed up the well a bit with styrene sheet and strips.


After initial sanding:








You can note why it was important to fill the inside of the fuselage as the sanding went right through the fairing

at the rear of the canopy.


Bye for now,


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Here is the start  for the new cockpit position, following the drawings and using the kit canopy parts as a

guide to start cutting into the kit plastic.




You can see already that the appearance of the aircraft is completely changed...




Now an initial opening has been made, mostly in the gun bay doors ( a bit too aggressive with the Dremel  and cracked the

right hand door...). I filled the gun ports with epoxy putty to be sanded later.


Thank you for watching!


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