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Alain Gadbois

Hasegawa Me 262 Aufklärer Ia

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Thank you guys!


Some good progress this weekend !


I started putting rivets on the stabilizers put it is quite difficult to see what I am doing with the very dark green plastic.

As a guide I worked on a piece of paper and insured the ruler was parallel to the line closest to it.

The Hasegawa plastic is very hard, so a good amount of pressure is needed.




Some progress on the wheel wells...








The front of the fuselage:




with the cockpit section added,





seen from below:





Under the fuselage, behind the wing, are the locating holes for the camera apertures.




Now here is the fuselage,  after some red putty, and sealed with CA glue.

This will help to get a smoother surface  when sanding.





After a good coat of Tamiya grey primer. I feel I will be more at ease to work on a grey surface rather than dark green plastic.




Now drawing and scribing the first panel lines...




Scribing the concentric lines using the kits' raised lines as a guide.




Just about done now, and starting to scrape away the raised rivets.




Under the rear fuselage, some fixing of irregular lines with a bit of putty.




Cutting out the camera openings. I first drilled out a small hole, then used an x-acto to open up the hole, finally

a small wood dowel with sand paper to finish the hole.




Both finished:




Next thing to do: sand all the raised detail, more gray primer and start to mark the location of the new rivet lines.


Thanks for watching!

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Thanks Shaka and Shawn!

The scribing around the rear fuselage was helped by running an xacto blade along the raised lines to

create a depression in the plastic. Then delicately the Olfa scriber was run a number of times to get the

desired depth.

The job is not perfect, especialy around the tight corners, but nothing that can't be fixed as the work progresses.

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Very ambitious work and amazingly executed. I'd missed this thread, but will definitely keep it as a favourite. The cockpit sitting up front certainly brings the look of the airframe a decade on. Great stuff!



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Thanks Thor, Kevin, Mike, Jack and all others for your comments!


Kevin, I checked your build of the Hasegawa 262 and found it very useful!  


Now I have sanded all the primer off to remove any trace of the rivets, and next will be to prime again,

but I have for now turned to the cockpit again.

I thought I could "remove" instruments from the Bf 109 panels I have, but all attempts failed to yield parts that were

nice and even. 

Then I figured another way using a mold of the IP.


Here is the mold I made years ago (I'm actually surprised I could find it again):




The idea is here to put a bit of liquid resin (here a black leftover from another job) in the mold, then manage to get resin just in the tiny instrument cavities.

A bit of pink silicone cut to  the shape of the IP is pressed over the resin when it is still soft to squeeze out the excess...








When after a few hours the resin is set, demolding reveals this:




As you note, the individual instruments are easy to pick-up individually, 

as you can see here:




I have started casting the instruments I need to reproduce the normal 262 IP as it seems from the general arrangement drawing that the forward

cockpit is about identical to the standard production version.


While I do this with leftover resin, I turned my attention today to the forward wheel well. No photos now, but I am cleaning up the kit parts, removing the molded on brake line and

adapting the parts to the new wheel well configuration which is that the wheel now rotates and lies flat. New doors will be needed, hydraulic lines will need to be added and pass

in logical fashion towards the rear of the bay.


Much to do!


Bye for now,


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