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Thomas Lund

1/32 WnW LVG C VI

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I've been away for a while, but now I'm back, so I want to show you what I've done in the mean time.


I've uploaded a couple in the Non-LSP section, but here is the first LSP: The Wingnut LVG C VI


I bought this kit when it came out years ago and started it quite quickly. But when I got to the rigging part it stayed on the shelf of shame for quite some time (I estimate 5 years, I dunno).


But then a friend of mine stated that 'to finish something you must always start your building session with the one furthest ahead'. That worked great for me and I finished a lot, but then this one was the one furthest ahead and there really was no way around it. I pulled myself together and finished it - finally.


Pretty pleased. And it won a 3rd at our club show













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That looks fantastic, Thomas! Congrats on getting it finished. May I publish it on the website?




Off cause you may, Kev



That is REALLY nice, kit decals or AM?


He he heee JR, that actually both in one. I thought 'why paint the wing if it's all going to be decals'. Big mistake. Decals will not stick to bare plastic so I ended up buying AM lozenge, but from WnW :-)


Wood fuselage is Uschi's decals (very nice, although I think he's got some new types today). With decals on wings and fuselage I estimate that only 5% of the exterior is painted


Thanks everyone

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Guest Peterpools


Always a great feeling to rescue a project from the SOD and nd complete it you did - just beautifully done

:thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:


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