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Beaufighter 252 Squadron 1942

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Guest Peterpools


Nice work on the wheel wells and gear - Revell sure must have been at Disney when doing the design work years and years ago.

I am amazed how much the Beaufighter's gear looks light the Mossie's and visa versa.

Terrific progress

Keep 'em coming

Peter :popcorn:

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I mentioned how bad the accuracy of the kit is to dad and he seems to remember that it was based off some fairly imaginative drawings in one of the aviation magazines back in the 70's. At the time too, there were only I think 2 complete Beaufighters around; the Mk 21 here in Melbourne and the RAF Museums aircraft.

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I needed to show some progress... outer wing upper cemented. I used binder clips (handy little things) on the back side to get a good joint while the glue set. I'm going to have a slight gap on the lower surface, but I can deal with it.




It's starting to look like a plane instead of a submarine!




A gap on the bottom of the horizontal stabilizers, too.




The fuel dump vents. Two sprue attachment points for these tiny parts, and Revell managed to get a sink hole and an ejector pin in the same spot. Really? I'll have to check my references to see if they're supposed to be there.




The control column isn't bad, but it needs a little work. The yoke is a bit large for scale; I thinned it a little with the trusty Flexi-file...




Some texture on the handles. I used sewing thread, then applied thin CA. You need about five hands and your teeth for this one.



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Control column dressed up a little.




Next up is the corrugations on the floor. I wanted to use styrene, but the smallest diameter available is .020" (.5mm). (What's left of) the kit part:




Some plastic discs and strip:




I straightened some lengths of .008" diameter (0.2 mm) beading wire, arranged them, and some thin CA. Not perfect, but it will do. Everything looks better with paint on it.



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Rudder pedals thinned, 1 mm rod attached to the back.




Rods glued to card stock to keep alignment. A strip of lead foil for straps (each on glued on only one end).




Pedals separated from kit floor, ready for paint. I'll trim the rods and remove the card stock when they get attached to the IP.




IP ready for detail painting and decals.



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