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Finished one! Hasegawa Ki-44 Shoki

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Pretty pleased that I finished a quick build in a relatively fast timeframe for me (6 weeks, total build time around 20 hours) :yahoo:

This is Hasegawa's 1/32 Ki-44-II Shoki finished with Eduard colour Zoom interior and canopy mask, Quickboost gun barrels and exhaust, and Montex vinyl masks for the markings. I didn't know Hasegawa had included these markings in a limited release kit until after painting (grr!) but I'm pretty pleased with the result from the masks.  Paints are mostly Mr Color with some Tamiya acrylics and Vallajo thrown in for detail painting.











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Dude ... what???!?! You did THAT in 20 hours? Wow.



Thereabouts, yeah, construction was very quick, about 3 hr on the cockpit and engine and another 2-3 to complete assembly and prepare for paint. The green was all done freehand with a badger velocity over a few evenings, probably about 7 hours and a very sore trigger finger :)

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Superb camo, really like the restrained weathering. I've built both the 'Tony' and the 'Frank' and thoroughly enjoyed them both. Looking at this, I may add it to my list for next year.



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VERY nice !!!! I love the slightly blury green camo. ANd it's very fine for freehand painting (i first thought you used some masks and wondered how you managed to get the blury effect)


And 20 hrs.... that's damn fast ! It's about the time i need to open the box.

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