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RFI - Kitty Hawk Models T-28 Trojan

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This is my version of the new KHM T-28 Trojan. I have seen several of these built, and all but one have been in this scheme, as I think it is one of the more pretty schemes for the ol girl.

The kit is without a doubt one of Kitty Hawks best kit, and all the evidence points to KHM getting better and better with each later release of LSPs. 


Some observations on the Kitty Hawk T-28 if I may............


 - KH did a nice job of fixing the delicate ignition ring, Id LOVE to see that type of engineering continue on all further radial-engine powered KHM kits. It REALLY saves you from having to scratch a new one, with the extra part in the center to help give it strength. 


- KHM also did a VERY nice job of listening to what most of us want.......... reduced # of open panels. I would love to see this too continue, as I do think the majority of people buying this that DO want open panels will not have an issue cutting their own. This also gives lend to some great fit all around.


- Wheels. The OS2U had weighted wheels if I recall correctly, and I would have loved to have seen that on the T-28. The lack of weighted wheels really puts a quite large and heavy plane "on its tip toes" so-to-speak.


- Pylons. The armed version of the T-28 had quite a few of them, and thats understandable, but I think the majority of people building this one love it because it is a trainer, which means no pylons. However, the OS2U did have these filled (but needed to have a place in the instructions where it mentioned punching them out before wing assembly) and let you punch out holes as needed, which in the end was a MUCH better solution than having to punch out discs to fill the pylon holes.


All that said, this is by far and away one of the easiest OOB builds I have done, and other than having to know you need more nose weight, its a pretty straight forward build, that fits REALLY well, and has all the potential in the world for super detailing if one desires. 

I tried to keep the weathering so it was no so overbearing but keeping the well used theme going, with enough dirt that could have realistically accumulated on a trainer that saw lots of use/hours.


I also realize that bright sun-light is not the ideal picture taking light, but its what I had to work with so hope you find them acceptable. So without further babbling, here is the T-28 built for Glen and KHM that you may see on one of their display tables in the future. Its quite pic heavy so bear with me:































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Guest Smitty44

Sweet! Good work there Brian! I am hoping for one to show up for my birthday next week, and if not ...well time to spend a little $$

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Guest DannyVM



very nice work my friend, like i said before, you're WIP will be an example for my future T-28 project.


Congrats with this very nice result. :thumbsup:  :thumbsup:  :thumbsup:





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