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RFI - Kitty Hawk Models T-28 Trojan

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lol Thanks Rich.  These KHM OOB builds are getting more and more fun. With each release Glen and crew seem to improve their models fit, finish, and engineering. KH seems to be listening to LSP modelers and what we really want.


I have had a slight delay this past week/weekend in getting things proceeded and fully finished up with this commission build.  We turned on the central A/C about 5 days ago, and buttoned up all the windows....................Even though the temp was a bit high outside, the humidity was quite low for my home town, we decided it was getting a bit hot out so it was time to turn it on.  

About an hour into turning on the A/C, we noticed it was getting HOTTER inside instead of cooler.  

I did the normal checks, and there were no breakers blown, the outside fuse plug was in the ON position, but the outside A/C unit was not kicking on. I could "prop start" the fan  on the outside A/C unit, but as soon as it reached temp, it would shut off, and would not kick back on.  I kinda feared the worst, as the unit itself was installed in early 1993, so it it was going on 23/24 years old.   :(

I hadnt gotten paid yet at the time so I waited to call a tech to the house until last Friday when I got paid...................probably was a poor idea, as by last Thursday it was 93F/34C INSIDE the house:








Worst case scenario was in fact realized as the fan unit was about to die, the 23 year old unit worked off of the old dangerous R2 coolant the the EPA is phasing out and making illegal, so it is now $195.99 a lb, and $99.99 for every lb after that, and I was in need of approx 4 lbs or so.  The wiring to the unit was also bad, so re-running that would have been in the $400 range as it would have had to been fished and replaced fully. I also had a bad compressor, and the condensor was also on its very last legs, and would have put the bill WAY over the top. 


Needless to say, I was not dumping $1300 + into a system that could have FULLY gone out the next month even with all that repaired.............SO I bit the bullet and had a complete new system installed with pad, 3 ton A/C unit, all new suction lines, all new electrical lines, fully new galvanized fan box inside with a completely new coil and all new ducting WITH a full 10 year warranty on parts and labor, with a service contract that included my heater since the same company put that in years ago as well. 








Now things are MUCH more pleasant inside:








It was quite expensive, but you do get what you pay for, and for me, the Lennox stuff seems to last a LONG long time.  I also was able to finance the installation with my good credit, which means I didnt really have to put any cash down, can pay a decent monthly fee, AND it turns out the units SEER rating (seasonal energy efficiency ratio) is SO high and the unit so efficient that  my electric company is giving me a $500 rebate, so the whole thing, inside and outside including labor was about $6-6.5k.  It sounds like a lot, but with what they replaced and the efficiency of the unit I purchased, I am actually balancing that monthly payment off with the fact that the old units SEER rating was about a 6, which means I could see a 10% to 20% drop in my electric bills. Since last I checked, the A/C unit was responsible for approx 70% of my total yearly electric bill.  



After that debacle, I finally got down to business, and  am currently just about to finish up the custom shipping box to ship this little beauty out to Glen.................................














I have added all the green foam cushioning, and then will be finishing this up tonight after work, and will be sending the T-28 on its way, hopefully by tomorrow. 


Cheers to all! 


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Very nice model! Should stand out in the cabinet as well as on an exhibition table! :thumbsup:




So your new A/C has a 10 year warranty? Only 10 years? Is that really enough to work off your stash...? :wicked:



- dutik

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dutik, Justin, thanks for stopping by and commenting, MUCH appreciated! 


Justin, you can see how it will eventually will look after I hot glue on the green insulation foam. This one is not the T-28 ship crate, but the OV-10 shipping box I sent to Glen. You can see how squishy and cushy the green stuff is, and how it nicely cradles the model:














The T-28 shipping crate will cushion the model in the same way, and all the areas touching the foam will get the green foam to cushion the model. Ill post pics of it all before I ship it to Glen.

This T-28 shipping crate is slightly different in that i have used a "keystone" piece of foam that holds the whole thing together, and only requires two dowels and caps to hold it together as opposed to the 4 or more I have used on the OV-10 or other commission builds I have done.


So far, with Glens two previous commission builds I have shipped him, including all of the other commission builds I have done, shipped all around the country, including one to Germany, I am  batting 1000.  I have yet to have a single model............or even a single PART from a model be broken when it arrives to my customer. *KNOCKS ON WOOD 3 TIMES*


Its a slightly more expensive way to ship, but the completed models are always so fragile, this way almost guarantees they will arrive safe and sound, just as I shipped them. 

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Stupid me, i missed this RFI !!!!!!


Great job Brian, this is a very nice Trojan. Definitely a big and beautiful plane.

I think nobody can miss it in your display. :)



Thanks Nicolas!   This one actually wont be going in my display case. :(   It will be tough to let this one go like the rest of the commission builds I have done, but this one is a commission build for Glen of KHM for their demo tables at shows and what not.  


You will definitely be able to see if it you happen to be at any US IPMS shows that KHM or more specifically Glen is attending.  I know that is highly unlikely though as it is a bit far from France!  :lol:

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what a nice period our hobby is living , we have the opportunity to see , or built such beautiful AC , yours is a model of its kind to follow .... very good job  :goodjob: ...I like 


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just received T-28 from Brian. he is an artist. i will tell you that it looks much better in person then in pictures....

it will look great on our tables at future shows.



thanx to Brian.


see you at the shows


Great news! It's a wonderful fitting kit and I hope it helps sell a TON of kits.


My shipping method is a bit more costly, and time intensive to make but looks like I'm still batting 1000 with shipping completed models!!


I'll be at the 2017 NATs, and look forward to seeing the T-28, OS2U, and the OV-10!

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