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  1. we never said "here' that we were making a 1/32 TBD Devastator. i think that was Trump-y-boss which we broke away from almost 10 years ago. but i won't rule one out. Jennings thanks for the offer. Harold & Bruce spent days on F-84F this side of pond, Tim and others spent days in Europe on the same mission. i have complete access to just restored RF-84F myself. but if we have any question, i'll ask you. thanx Glen i
  2. hi Alfonso glad to see your back. have you watched Kitty Hawk & Panda hobby grow? we have some exciting kits coming later Glen
  3. also the crew figures are behind in production. causing more delays.
  4. please pass this on to all my great customers. thanx Glen
  5. the first of our 1/32 F-5's will be the F-5E Tiger II in March 2018, F-5F to follw soon
  6. anyone have some of these aircraft from several angles so a decal sheet would be possible????????
  7. I like both, but the 106 has always had a special place in my heart from when I was stationed at Langley as they went from 106 to 15.
  8. thanx guys. we will do our best.
  9. I have no 1/32 WWII period aircraft in the 2016/17 pipeline at this time. later I have a few "40's" planes in the future.
  10. don't worry. ........... we have heard of kits that would allow us to print money............kits that won't sell.................. a naysayer here said one of our kits would never sell. 35,000+ later of that unit, I am wondering what no sales =????????????????????????
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