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  1. Trumpeter will buy molds made by Kitty Hawk /Panda models soon. watch the shelves soon.
  2. sometimes I think Kevin is the glue that holds this rag tag crew together.
  3. message from Bert Kinzey this morning: HELLO EVERYONE I wanted to check in and provide an update on my status. I’m still in the hospital and will continue to be for at least a few more days. Not sure yet. But I am improving as they pump me full of all kinds of steroids and antibodies, some of which are brand new and experimental. I had a bad reversal back on Saturday after some had seemed to help, but no reversals since. Heart has held up, thankfully. I thank everyone for your love, prayers, and support. It means so much, and it is inspirational to me. Please understand I’m still very weak, and what strength and time I have must be spent working with the medical staff who are working to make me well. So I cannot answer individual messages and comments now, but I try to read them when I can. Thank you again for all the love and support. It is appreciated more than you can possibly know. God bless.
  4. we are selling what kits we have left in stock, no new molds.
  5. it slowed Mirage D/N 2 weeks, it was almost was ready to ship when China closed us for a little over 2 weeks.
  6. fake add, haven't figured out how to stop him.
  7. we never said "here' that we were making a 1/32 TBD Devastator. i think that was Trump-y-boss which we broke away from almost 10 years ago. but i won't rule one out. Jennings thanks for the offer. Harold & Bruce spent days on F-84F this side of pond, Tim and others spent days in Europe on the same mission. i have complete access to just restored RF-84F myself. but if we have any question, i'll ask you. thanx Glen i
  8. hi Alfonso glad to see your back. have you watched Kitty Hawk & Panda hobby grow? we have some exciting kits coming later Glen
  9. also the crew figures are behind in production. causing more delays.
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