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Post Apocalyptic OV-10A Bronco

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The year is 2039 and the collapse in the Middle East oil reserves following the 3rd Gulf War has plunged the world into a world war.  Nuclear fall out preceded drought and famine.  Now the few remaining humans eke out a dangerous hunter gatherer living, trading scarce resources for food.  Materials are abundant, abandoned in the old times, food and expertise are not.  Neither is fuel, that precious commodity now replaces money and gold as man's treasure.

By far the safest mode of transporting goods is by air.  The few remaining aircraft are cannibalised and adapted to keep flying, and their crews brave the airborne pirates who own the marauding skies.  To survive a crew must relay on guile, cunning and superior flying skills to live.  Many are pilots who survived the old wars, but then so are the pirates!

Here are just a few of the goodies that I will be using in this model (not pictured is the Hobby Boss WMIK!).  Hang on you may be thinking, what are the Zero engines in there for, and the Live Resin Wrangler Humvee wheels, and what the hell are those resin skulls......? Well, this is going to be a very special project, a very unique model........


Work started in the cockpit as is usual.  I wanted to replace the fighter style grip so mounted the cut down WMIK steering wheel onto some wire core plastic rod and added some cabling.


Next up is the pilot's seat.  I've added some detail from plastic rod and strip.  I need to add some piping and cabling yet.  You'll note there are no cushions, they'll be painted separately before the harness is added.


I'm going for a really detailed cockpit, all fiction of course.  This is just the start.


This model is going to have "different" engines which will require more cockpit levers.  I cut off the rear cockpit throttle quadrant, blanked it off, removed some of the moulded console detail and mounted it in the front.  The hole in the rear was blanked off with plastic card.


The cockpit floor was detailed with plastic strip.  That grey blob is half a 1:48 F-14 Tomcat Vulcan cannon!  The sandy part is part of the WMIK engine block!


And this is where I am up to so far.  There is going to be loads more detail to come in both cockpits, this is just the start!


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Jamie, very interesting approach, it reminds me a bit of the Stallion (with floats in this case) used in the movie picture "Waterworld" , i'm really anxious to see were this build is leading to, have fun.....



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Excellent idea !

I have been watching "the walking deads" lately so I guess I understand the spirit of this build very well ;)

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I love that background !

Makes me thought about Fallout, the Book of Eli, Twelve Monkeys..... Very good !


And it's a very good start, too ! Indeed that seems to be something very special, made with any old thing.... Cant wait to see that heavily weathered, knowing your weathering skills.

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