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Post Apocalyptic OV-10A Bronco

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Photobucket is back, we are saved!

The cockpit was finally finished.  To be honest I just let the imagination run away and I just kept adding more and more so in the end it looks really very busy.  Its all plastic card, bits of that 1:48 F-14 and 1:35 WMIK, lead wire, brass wire and Albion Alloys tubing.




That row of black dots are HGW rivets, decals in fact!  Note also the home made spring in the pilot's seat, inspired by the real thing but I think that's part of the comms.  I did this because I think it looked cool!


To glue the brass rod, I squashed the ends to give a larger surface area for gluing.


Here is the finished gunner's cockpit.  That seat is from the WMIK!


The pilot's office wasn't neglected.  As well as plastic strip and Albion Alloys tubing, I also added a WMIK thingamajig and some Airscale photo etch bits.

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Now time for paint, first up, Alclad black primer.  This is highly recommended owing to all the different materials, plus it will help with shading.


Next up was a layer of undercoat of a weathered steel colour; namely a mix of black, buff, red and Medium Sea Grey.  On top was a layer of Ammo of Mig's Scratch Effects chipping fluid.  When dry I sprayed the top coat, Tamiya XF-4 Yellow/Green which is a great Zinc Chromate primer colour.  Note the subtle shading from the undercoat.



Now the fun part.  Keeping the area wet I scrubbed the areas of wear with a brush, eventually the water will soak through and dissolve the chipping fluid (you can use hairspray but its a bit of a sledgehammer and can be unpredictable) and lift off the dry paint in realistic chipping patterns.



Next was the pin wash.  I used a mix of tones from Ammo of Mig's Panel Line Wash (PLW) series and a new product from Alclad called Hogwash (brilliant by the way).  I recieved a sample to test out so I'm not sure where you can get it, if it's even released yet.

The wash was dabbed into the area then when dry removed with a soft moist brush.


Time for some detail painting.  The switches were picked out with a fine brush and acrylic paint.  I "wet" dry-brushed the rear CB panel, the detail was too small to accurately paint and dry brushing is not opaque enough and would affect the edges of the box.  By just removing the worst of the excess of the brush you get a much stronger finish.


If stencils give you nightmares then look away now.  Using Airscale's superb placard decals I dressed up the cockpit, the CB panel has over 40 decals on it alone!  I also added some wiring looms, these are cotton covered wire from Little Cars.


The instrument panel was a mix of Airscale decals and kit supplied decal chopped up.  Note I got the Turn and Slip upside-down!



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I wanted to portray a dirty and dusty environment so Ammo of Mig's Airfield Dust and Earth pigments were applied in the nooks and crannies.  this was fixed in place using white spirit.



Lastly some Ammo of Mig engine grime and Fresh Engine Oil was carefully applied in the appropriate places.



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That was the cockpit tub complete so attention was turned to the seats.  The WMIK seat for the rear gunner was made up then attacked with a scalpel to simulate cuts and general wear and tear.



The seat frames were painted using Mr. Paint's Soviet Interior.  Honestly, get this stuff, its by far the best paint on the planet.


Metal bits were picked out using Ammo of Mig's new metallic acrylic.  This stuff is superb for brushing, it also sprays very well when thinned.


To weather the vinyl, buff paint was dry brushed and strips of grey decal (from a 1:72 Phantom) were applied simulating gaffer tape repairs!


After a wash and decalling, the harnesses were added.  In this case the HGW He-111 set!




And that's the cockpit finished!


I'll post up how I got to this stage tomorrow, I don't want to bore you too much!


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If this is an approved scenario from the Air Warfare College, we're all in trouble!


Looks great (as ever...)


stresser (old avon IPMS chum).

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Great work Jamie...and thanks for the detailed tutorial - lots of good information shared from one of the "masters of effects."


Good stuff!



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Thanks guys, it means a lot.


Here is the next update chaps. First off, the cargo cabin.


The rear bulkhead was was detailed up, I didn't go made as it's going to be dark back there!




The floor plate was detailed with etched tread plate, plastic strip and HGW rivet decals. The basket is from the WMIK kit but the floor became the lid, a new floor was made with plastic card, the back blanked with photo etch mesh and various details added such as clasps, hinges etc.




The bits were primed with Alclad black micro primer.




The various bits were painted and chipped as per the cockpit.






The tread plate didn't chip too well so it was enhanced by dry brushing.




Rust was simulated by applying Ammo of Mig's Rust Streaking effects. When dry it was blended with a moist brush.




Ammo of Mig's Airfield Dust and Earth pigments were applied and fixed with white spirit.




A thinned mix of Ammo of Mig Fresh Engine Oil, Engine Grime and Black pigment was applied to simulate old oil stains.



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I'm not usually into what-if's, but this is just brilliant.


Superb skills on display, real imagination, great weathering techniques, all done & photographed very well. And all done speedily.


I don't think I've ever learnt so much in such a short time - you should be charging for this!

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