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1/32 Revell P-38 Lightning

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If it smells like a lightning, then...I guess...






Getting the booms true was a *****, I should have come in here and asked for help as I ended up just using caveman modeler brutality to make it work. But then again, sometimes the end justifies the means. I've got a few very small areas to fill and shape and then I'll put the airframe down for a little bit and switch focus to the cockpit. Once I get the core cockpit assembled, detailed and painted then I can permanently attach the center fuselage to finalize the airframe. I'll probably bounce in between cockpit work and initial scribing for the next few weeks.


My father built this model for me back in 1973 as Bong's "Marge" and every time I tackle this kit it brings back good memories. He worked in Burbank at the old Lockheed plant (where almost EVERY Lightning was made) working as an engineer on export versions of the P-3 Orion. The Lightning has always meant a little more to the two of us than other WWII fighters because of that.

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Boy, me too. So much more streamlined, like the XP.


+1 on the early Lightnings' looks over the J&L. I've been reading Martin Caidiin's "Fork Tailed Devil" as inspiration and got hooked on the story of the 475th FG so I've picked P-38H-5-LO "Blood and Guts" flown by Elliott Summer with a final score of 10 kills:








I'm also going to try to replicate this effect on the panel lines caused by cloth tape, sealed with dope, for shipping on open air ship decks across the Pacific:




I've never tried to replicate this effect so it should make the painting/weathering cycle fun and fresh.

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Lookin really really good. The main reason I made these backdates was because I like the early versions so much better!



Me too ! I know that the chin air scoops of the late versions were more efficient aerodynamically, but the arly versions looked really better, just as on the P-40.



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Well I got to that point in the build where it all looked like a long road ahead and I had to have that feeling of finishing SOMETHING!


Here is the radio deck basically done. These are the Verlinden cockpit "improgments" with some wiring, spare PE plackards, a few micro nuts, and a scratch built junction box.





I also started on the panel...some painting and a few touch ups left here.




And finally I bashed an early Lightning wheel from kit parts, brass rod, a spare piece of PE switch head and styrene rod. I'll clean this up a lot before finishing :)



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Looking good, Chris!

Damn, I wish I had checked in earlier. I had forgotten about this build, and did not click the 'Follow' button, so haven't been here till I got your 'Like,' so I checked on what the heck I had posted. Then I saw your dilemma with the conversion parts.

Too bad I didn't check in more, because I have a set of original conversion parts, cast by Jerry himself! I could have sent them to you! Oh, well, you did a good job anyway!


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Thanks Ray!


I am currently hacking the kit canopy apart (separating the elements) with no spare, so we'll see how desperate I become if that effort goes bad :)  Might be looking for any Revell donor canopies that folks didn't use, or are broken etc. We shall see :)

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