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Preview: HK Models 1/32 Do 335 Preliminary Photos


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Howdy folks,


Today I received an early test shot of the forthcoming 1/32 Do 335B kit from HK Models, and I've just published a quick look at it:


HK Models 1/32 Do 335B Preliminary Photos




Thoughts, comments and questions welcome. I intend to do a full review when the kit reaches production status.



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nice as always Kev; zm and hk are doing wonders for us, big scale lovers... anyway, im still waiting for the horten and the lancaster....i think this year i will empty my pockets some how....




and thanks for sharing



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I think they're doing this one first as Zoukei-Mura is also doing a do335, my guess (and this is purely a guess), is that they think they'll capture more overall sales if they start with the variant ZM is less likely to do

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Guest Dekenba

It should be roughly 17 inches, both nose-to-tail and wingtip-to-wingtip.


That's one big model.

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Wow, dreams do come true! Thanks Kevin, this is a very nice looking kit! I love the slide mold technology and the details! I'm sold!!! Now, when can I buy one or two!!!???


Okay, so knock that one off your list and get back to dreaming, pronto! It seems to be working!

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Just curious - what would be the interest level in some aftermarket "what-if" (but historically plausible) in-service markings for the B-2 Zerstörer version?


I'd more than likely do a what-if scheme on this plane -splinter camo and monotone paint schemes are boring as all heck to me

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