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  1. jozef

    P-39 Kitty Hawk

    I am glad now that I did not buy the second SH kit (want to build one U.S. and one Russian). Looks great and it is a pleasant surprise, Glen. I am looking forward to it and to all the other planned releases you mentioned to me in Virginia. Good luck. Jozef
  2. jozef

    ZM to produce an F-86, F-4 and F-14...

    Big promiss that I made : if I am still in strength (physical and financial) I will get all ZM kits which fit in my range of interest (repeat that Horten is our of this range). I love their kits and since I opened the box of their Raiden I do not hesitate (if I ever did) any more. My personal preference. Jozef
  3. jozef

    Silver Wings - News

    P-11c brings my memories back, anybody remembers the Ruch 1/72nd release in the late 60ies? One of the first plastic kits I ever build (together with Karas, each in one evening after coming home from school). Seems like this one will be on my list, just wish that the Koscziuszko (sorry if misspelled) squadron emblem is also included, but it surely is not a dealbreaker for me. Good luck Jozef
  4. jozef

    HK Models Pfeil done

    Magnificent job
  5. jozef

    tan models ?

    Wish them all the good luck they would need. The 32nd scale projects are impressive. We shall see Jozef
  6. jozef

    CAM F-4B conversion kit

    Your words to God´s ears, Eli. And maybe someone else´s too Jozef
  7. jozef

    Fly Model Ar 234 and Wessex release dates

    Hi Nick I confirm there is one in the local store. Let me know if you want it. Jozef
  8. jozef

    Tamiya F4U-1A November release

    Well, something really worth waiting for Jozef
  9. jozef

    Zoukei Mura P-51D

    I join you guys in this Jozef
  10. jozef

    Fly Model Ar 234 and Wessex release dates

    Hi Nick Let me have a look in the local store. Just kick me to remind it. Jozef
  11. jozef


    I wanted one 20 years ago. Or better I have been wanting one since 20 years. Yes, I want one. Jozef
  12. jozef

    Victory Models 1/32 F-104 Sheets - at the printer now!

    Great news. My friend from Miami is getting one for each of us> Jozef
  13. Oh yes, just let us know when they are available. Jozef
  14. jozef

    Seamless Suckers for Tamiya F-4

    That is my everlasting request. Especially the Tamiya kit needs it badly. Jozef
  15. jozef

    F-15 experts sign in please!

    The original release of Revell F-15 did not have the tank at all. Do not know about the later ones Jozef